will hilux work on a cheap digital ballast?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by needa, May 12, 2011.

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    i see on the hilux site that their 1k lamp is rated for 200-240v. does this mean it will only work on a 220 setup? other sites will say in the description that some lamps work on all ballasts and then the hilux works with... "most"... ballasts. this tends to worry me since i have an el cheap-o ballast

    anyone tried to hook one of these 1k watt lamps up on a 110? i know the 400 and 600 will.

    also, if it does or doesnt... what about cap's maxlume. and the digilux. and of the three of these... is it worth the 35 bucks extra to spend the cash on the digi or hilux over the maxlume.

    for search purposes... sunmaster super hps lamps blow. dont waste 80 bucks on them. if ur on htg supply ordering a kit... dont choose the sunmaster even though its the most expensive option. within 60 days... ull be losing half of your lumens.

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