Will having my friend peeing in a condom in my car right before drug test work?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vogie6, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. I have a pre employment test in two days. I will piss hot but I have a sober friend who can pee in a condom in my car directly before I walk in to take an unsupervised drug test. I was thing about wearing compression shorts and immediately put condom in my gooch and walk in. Will this be enough to keep the piss warm enough?
  2. I remember seeing a thread just like this on the first day I joined the city. I'm feeling very nostalgic now.
  3. I dont see why it wouldnt. Unless they actually see you fumbling with a piss filled condom in your pants while trying to get it into a cup. But if your alone you would probably be okay.
  4. That's pretty cool because this is my first post! :)
  5. Buy a chemical hand warming pouch and stick that on top of the condom after it's in your gooch. Give it a few seconds to cool then pour and succeed.
  6. tie it and hide in your butthole. Or shorts would work too...
  7. I don't want to know if any of my friends are that talented.
  8. I doubt that the pee is going to go down 5 or 6 degrees just walking from your car to the testing place.

    You should be fine.
  9. How much pee and pressure u really think a condoms gonna hold.

    I can see it now, you walking into the clinic lookin like you pissed yourself cuz the shit burst in your whitey tighties
  10. Woah wait... This isn't a troll thread? Why the hell would you have someone piss in a condom -.-  Is that just dumb...Get a little m&m tube ffs.
  11. It only works if you drink it.
  12. Pees warm, so you will need to insulate it. 
  13. haha damn, im sorry for that you're in this pissy situation 
  14. as stated above, condoms can break but they look like a cock under your pants. If you are in a very strict testing environment I wouldn't do it this way. Buy a fake penis like in entourage.... 
  15. Make sure the condom isn't lubricated

  16. no he has to pee on your stomache
  17. id put the condom in a big pill bottle if you can find one but yea it will work..crotched piss comes out a good temp
  18. My son had to do that for a next day unsupervised test when he couldn't get a hold of any detox, and unbelievably it worked(altho messy, he had someone pee in a cup and quickly poured into condom and into his shorts), and we had a good laugh about it afterwards, , however, I didn't ask for explicit details on how he got it in the condom and such!  TMI  :yay:
    But good luck, hopefully someday we won't be subjected to such ridiculousness! :smoke:   

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