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Will fruit juice kill my weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rawrzzzz, May 19, 2010.

  1. A friend told me that if you squeeze the juice of a fruit onto your weed, it makes it smell amazing. At first I sortof beleived him, but wouldn't that fuck with the THC?
  2. Hmm, never thought of that. I don't think so, but how would doing that benifit you?
  3. I think THC is soluble in strong acids like citric acid, so if you used lemons or something it might affect it
  4. I imagine the moisture would increase the risk of mould. I don't think it would make a huge difference to the smell, because the smell of weed is quite overpowering in comparison to the smell fruit juice.

    I've heard of people putting orange peel in with weed that's too dry for a few hours to moisten it, and that the peel makes it smell/taste a bit orangey. Never tried it myself though.
  5. why would it matter how your weed smells?

    your suppose to smoke it not smell it
  6. Darnoc your posts suck, just stop.
  7. well, of course your weed is gonna smell like fruit if you cover it in fruit juice. it has absolutely no benefit and will likely ruin your weed. some strains smell like fruit naturally, this is caused by terpenes. maybe it would work if you used a mango, a terpene in it called myrcene can help you get higher. still, dripping the juice on weed would just give you wet weed.
  8. Why not appreciate the smell of your weed?
    And just smell a carton of fucking orange juice.
  9. why because im pointing out the obvious?
  10. No because every post you make is negative and insulting, awesome qualities to have, douche.
  11. this will remoisten and make ur weed smell somewhat, but id just smoke ur weed the way u got man(id really only do this though if ur weeds a little dry). Nothing is better than just the taste of weed no need for additives, if ur looking for more taste and smell ask around for some more exotic strains and ull most likely find what ur looking for.

    If u really want to please ur senses just get high and eat some fruit of a good snack man haha.

  12. What are you talking about.
    This whole thread is retarded.
  13. and? its my opinion. if your gonna take offense this easily maybe the internet isnt for you
  14. I'm sure he's not taking offense. As the saying goes, if you don't have anything good (or productive) to say then don't say it. And by the looks of your rep, I'd take the advice. :smoke:
  15. it doesnt matter what juice you put on it, its not going to toste anything like it when you smoke it, it would just affect the smell
  16. I didn't say I would do it, I love the smell of weed. I was just asking a simple question, but a few people in particular had to go and be dicks about it.

  17. How is your post any better man? You didn't accomplish anything but putting him down.

    But yes, I'm sure if you used a strong-tasting juice or fruit it would have an affect on the thc from the acids. I would just avoid it hombre, smell isn't very important.
  18. rofl +rep:hello:
  19. well you should be fine as long as it dosnt mold...

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