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Will frost kill a plant?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by stckyfngrs, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I planted my plants outside last week and there is a frost warning in my area. All my plants are about 1 foot tall is it possible for them to survive a frost? I am unable to shelter them or do anything to cover since i'm out of town til next week.
  2. A frost certainly CAN kill MJ plants. I hope there is no certainty that it will, but it CAN.
  3. ^^^ exactly. the frast can hurt them but may not too. depends how bad realy. if your that worried just cover em with a frost tart or somhin. they can survive the temp but when the frost crystals start to form on the plant itself is when problems can occur.
  4. In 2000, I harvested a 7oz plant on Thanksgiving day. GREAT smoke. Depends though...
  5. This depends on the strain too, some are quite resistant. If your plants are one foot tall they should survive a moderate frost. Spring frosts are scary, frosts in the fall are different. Plants situated so as not to get the early morning sun in the fall will survive a heavy frost. If the air warms up and the plant thaws out before the sun hits it , most strains will be OK. It is when the sun hits frozen plants that fatal damage occurs.
  6. When´s that then ?
  7. Last Thursday in November.
  8. My plants were about 8 inches when they got lighly frosted, they are doing great now(15 inches) and looking very green and bushy.
  9. My plants did fine in the frost, hopefully I don't get anymore scares like that!

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