Will ferrell

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  1. I personally think he's fucking hilarious, calm my sense of humor childish but
    I don give a fuck.

    My favorite movies with him are:
    Step brothers
    Talladega nights
    The other guys
    Land of the lost
  2. His movies are pretty funny, never really watched his standup. He was fantastic in Step Brothers though.
  3. he used to be funny, but his movies have been pretty stale and repetitive for a while now in my opinion. I think his cameo/minor role work is some of his best stuff (ie: Mustafa in austin powers, Mugatu in zoolander, Chaz in wedding crashers) and I really liked Anchor man, Elf, Old school, and Talladega nights as well. everything of his post Blades of glory though I find to be a bunch of re-hash of old characters and jokes.

    his two more dramatic films a great too (stranger than fiction/everything must go) i wonder why he doesn't do those more often :/
  4. I never really thought he was funny. I liked him in Old School but that was it. Just not my kind of humor.
  5. He kind of replaced Jim Carrey :(

  6. Dude, you need to add Old School to that list man.
  7. You all forgot a night at the roxbury. Come the fuck on.
  8. I thought he was great in Old School & Anchorman. But that's about it, don't care too much for the rest of his movies.
  9. For me, it's those two, Night At The Roxbury, and Step Brothers.
  10. Step Brothers and Talladega Nights were both hilarious. I actually never saw Anchorman. I actually think some of his better work is in more serious films, he was great in Everything Must Go and Stranger Than Fiction.

    Call me stupid but I actually genuinely enjoyed Elf too.
  11. Definitely his best work imo.
  12. Semi Pro was fucking hilarious as well
  13. He was hilarious in east bound and down.
  14. can you feel the tension? i can! i can feeel it...down in my plums. they're gettin' a nice bluish hue...gettin' ready to take 'em to the farmer's market.

  15. :laughing:
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    Will ferrell is hilarious imho.

    Old school

    I just got done watching Stranger than fiction and it was amazing! I laughed, i cried, all the emotions were there. And the supporting cast was astounding.

    Step Brothers ok

    Talledega nights, this movie got a lot of hate but i thought it really funny

    Zoo lander

    Anchorman ( of course )

    Elf was good the first time, don't think i could watch it again

    SNL of course

    Blades of glory was HORRIBLE

    A night at roxbury

    Everything must go

    He had a cameo in this one movie, i forget what the movie was it was about car sales men. The movie sucked but will's cameo was hilarious, he was like falling out of a plane and he pulled his parachute string and dildos just came flying out, i was dying of laughter.

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