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Will eating resin get you high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kipohippo, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. I know its disgusting, but it does have thc left in it that has already been heated. Would eating it get you high?
  2. well fred, theres only one way to find out

  3. try it and report back with a video.. you could probably send it in to tosh.0 after you throw up everywhere on camera :)
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  4. uhhh actually yes,yes it will get you high :smoking:
  5. No. but that's not long enough so here's a Charlie Sheen quote presented by a baby sloth. Enjoy.

  6. Lol, please just give me a straight awnser. Im pretty baked and this seemed like a good question and now i cant figure out if it was one of those questions that you think sounds good but is actually stupid.
  7. i pretty sure it will do something
  8. Well Im gonna say absolutely not. But smoking resin WILL get you high, I do it all the time when I run out of weed. It may be gross to smoke it, but its better than eating it :)

    But seriously eating resin probably wouldn't do anything other than make you sick
  9. Do you not have a lighter???
  10. I dont see why you dont just smoke it...

    Eating it would be retarded....like mentally retarded
  11. Don't listen to these trolls OP. It will get you high. Not as much as smoking, But it WILL work if you eat it. Just upload it to youtube and show us.
  12. Fuck you all. :D lol. You guys have me confused now and i know ill just end up trying it. Probably wasting good resin in the process. They need mouses with lie detectors or something.
  13. why not wait till you get the green man? I aint smoking resin just to get a little buzz.. The one time i did it i felt like a crack whore or something.

    If i was ever gonna use it, i would smoke it after hash or something. Just to keep it going. If you're already high, it will amplify its effects to a point where it might be worth it.
  14. Lol, i do have bud but i was just curious.
  15. Nah dude it will definately get you high, my one buddy used to chomp that shit down all the time
  16. Just make sure to give us a link to the video OP so we know you're not full of shit.

  17. Roll it into a ball of res then, and place it in the middle of the bowl. If your greens half decent it will make it taste mad fresh.
  18. For the love of god, do not eat your resin. Smoke it.

  19. it sounds like you're already high. ;)
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  20. i have made the peanutbutter recipe a few times now with resin.....

    and it works great!!!!

    why not?
    people use AVB in edibles....why not resin?
    and the taste was not as bad as one may expect....;):smoke:

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