Will Early Pollinated Plants, Still Growing, New Whte Pistils, Still Grow Bud?

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  1. hello,
    first time posting, not first time growing.
    and I need some help from experienced growers!
    im most sure that I had some early pollination when a herm went overlooked (herm was eliminated and I did a thorough check to make there are NO MORE SACS!).
    the pistils on the main stalk, and some on the secondary branches, turned red/brown and died off.
    some died off completely, some partially and some are seeming to be fine and white.
    it seems the newer growth is putting out white pistils and some is still coming on red/brown.
    my questions are:
    how well will pollenated plants continue to produce when they have been PARTIALLY pollenated?
    if the pollenated calyxes are removed, will the plant continue on growing strong?
    is there a systemic overall reaction to the whole plant when a section of the plant was pollenated?
    really interested in continuing to grow out these plants, they are some really nice strains.
    otherwise, I have a couple smaller later ones I could replace them with, but I really want the bigger ones to succeed!!!!
    thank you!

  2. :lmafoe:...................................I must be smoking similar medication as you........cuz I would have to be just about as "bizarre" as you were by bumping this thread..................by replying to it and giving it more "fuel":cop:
  3. it was an honest bump :)
  4. So you have the same issue going on.............and was looking for advice??
  5. I actually wasn't too sure if my plant has been pollinated or not. I've made a thread about it.
  6. I take it that thread hasn't produced anything you were wanting to hear.?
  7. I don't think it produced enough opinions to make any clear decision yet
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