Will do sig work for dank

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  1. Post details on what you'd like for your sig and I'll make it in my spare time. :wave:
  2. Hey I would appreciate it if you could make me a sig. I want one that says Weeds420 with a cool psychedelic pot leaf. Thanks in advance, cant wait to see it :smoke:
  3. Enjoy


  4. Dawg, you do some sick work.
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    DO you think you could do this?


    Maybe throw what.cd out on the left side of the city
    As long as what.cd is readable and city is visible I do not care.

    Please and thank you kind sir
  6. Zach Im not sure what you're asking me. You want me to edit that first pic of yours and make it sig size?

    And thanks Steezy.
  7. Yeah but can you move the "what.cd" from where it is to the black space on the left after you resize it?

    edit: sorry i know that 1st post didn't make alot of sense
  8. Not sure if this is what you're looking for...


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    Wow thanks a lot, that's perfect :D I was wondering if you could also make me a banner for my website which I make T-Shirts on it's called - PotArt.SpreadShirt.com - I would like to have another psychedelic pot leaf and on it I want it to say Pot Art's Designs. I'm not skilled in making signatures or banners so I would love to have you make the banner for my T-Shirt Shop as your style kicks ass :smoke:
  10. Ok I'll give it a shot tomorrow.
  11. damn bro this shits awesome could you put my name with the "420" thats already in my sig and with a background like this[​IMG]

  12. Thats pretty good yo
    thanks man!
  13. What about "Rainbow Colors with a psychedelic Incubus background?
  14. Can u do one that's says AK907 420 4life
    (ak is Alaska 907 is area code) Alaska flag and a pot leaf :).

    Any way you want to make it is fine also
  15. [​IMG]

    can you make that with garbs barbara (two words) on it thanks !!!
  16. Wish I could do these today, will have to wait until the morrow.
  17. Here is not much of a banner but rather a header for your website. It's the exact resolution of the main table/field/css form of your site. Hope you like.


  18. I lol'd at the title
  19. Awesome stuff man.
  20. No sorry that's impossible. But I tried anyways.



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