will dis mini fridge work

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  1. yo i live wit ma mom and i am thinkin of doin a small grow op only like 1 plant dats 1-2 feet high i was wonderin if dis mini fridge would work it has a lock... and also what bout da cords 4 da 140 walt light... how could i get dem plugged in wit out leavin da door open...

    heres da dimensions and shit

    4.0-cubic-foot refrigerator with full-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray
    3 full-width, slide-out wire shelves
    Full-width door storage shelf
    Dual Dispense-A-Can storage on the door
    Manual defrost
    Reversible door
    Black cabinet
    Adjustable leveling legs
    Lock and key
    Dimensions: 19-23/32"D x 19-23/32"W x 33-13/16"H
    Model No. HSL04WNABB
    Currently available online only



    Haier 4.0 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator, Black
  2. frige boxes are hard to work with and grow in, and expensive for there size. I wouldnt reccomend growing in a mini frige iw would reccomend buying a wood cabinet becaue you dont need as many tools and cutting wood is allot easier then steel. also a frige has insulation and all the cooling compressor hoses fans ect so a 30" frige is realy only like 22" of growable space uless if you gut the thing. Thats about eh minimal space to grow scrog, and it isnt easy, but it works.

    This cab would work allot better and be allot easier.


    Use the top chamber for flower, and use the bottom for ballast, timer, hydro air or water pumps (if using hydro), grow supply and tool storage.

    The internal dimnetions are 20" or 1.66' x 30" or 2.5' so that would give you 4.15 square feet of growing space and going by the 50-80 watts per sq ft rule a 250w hps would work best at 60 W/sq ft. If you dont want or need that big of a light you can always make the grow space smaller. To do this make a divider wall in the chamber using a piece of 1/8 ply so you have a 8"wide extra chamber on the side for your ventilation up top and room for a mom and clones below it.

    Or you can make a 70w hps flower chamber if your demand is low using this box.


    Or a 150W flower only setup in this box.


    But rember if you plan on growing more then one harvest your better off having a veg box for a mom and cloning so youknow the plants a female and you cna flower anytime because its a mature plant.
  3. my internet isnt working for shit at the moment so the link wont open up... but yes you can grow in a minifridge such as releif did ---->http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=25400

    but i think he already had his though... its a waste of money to go out and buy one... use all that money to build yourself a box, and buy a security light and fans, etc...

    i cant open the link that gr0wer posted but i'm sure id agree that the cabinet would be better than buying a fridge...
  4. yo i was wonderin if i could grow in der... cuz how would i get da plugs 4 da fan and light into da outlet wit out havin 2 leave da fridge open... also would i need 2 cut anythin or damage da fridge in any way...
  5. you would have to dill a hole through the back wall and run teh cord through that. like john said i think releif had his box to begin with.
  6. how big of a hole... would it be notice able
  7. 1/4" but the point is, you dont want to grow in there! get a cabnet for far less.
  8. yea ok i will do dat... i am makin a new post try 2 help me on dat 1

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