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Will cold temps affect my buds hanging and drying?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by mugzy3, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. The title says it all...Will cold temps affect my buds drying they fluxate from 40-50 F id say... my guess it will jsut take longer....if anyone has personal experience that would be even better thanks guys!
  2. I dont think temps around that will matter too much but i could be wrong...
    Just make sure that the buds dry out in complete darkness and have air flow. The point of drying is to obviously get rid of the moisture, so the higher the temps, the less moisture in the air and the faster they will dry out.

    So i guess colder temps should just take the bud longer to dry out, however, i do not know how much longer. It could minimal but idk.

    hope this helped:smoke:
  3. It shouldn't be too bad for it like grahamie said, dark and air flow.
    A de-humidifier is a very good friend at this point especially when you can adjust the humidity level. Somewhere around 20% is what i was always told. And they usually make a lil bit of heat when they are running, so if the current temps are trippin you out i'd try it.
  4. i went in their today looks nice and icy the trichromes that is, but the bud are slowly drying! im jsut gone let em hang prolly for 5-6 days and prolly toss em in a bag for a day or 2 then to the jar!
  5. Seems i get better results in colder temps.. Humidity is often lower in cooler temps.. Higher temps seem to dry them out too quickly.. at cooler temps like yourself, usually takes me about 10 days to dry.. 1-2 additional if need be, then straight into jars..

  6. From my readings, this is fairly correct.

    65-75 degrees is fairly optimal. Less than 65 degrees should lengthen the drying time. Temps greater than 75 degrees cause the exterior of the bud to dry faster than the interior.

    Humidity levels should be around 40-60%.
  7. thanks guys for the responses...jamacian i had the same way of thinkin im in MD it just snowed out today so the temps in the closet are still chilly lol and the humidity is really low i wake up in the morning with a really dry mouth=] im sure the humidity is a lil higher in the closet cause the heat dont run in there!
  8. i wouldnt worry too much unless it drops below freezing. just gonna take a bit longer

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