Will cold air make the hairs on a female plant turn red?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by seeofgreen, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. I say this because where i grow the room gets down to like 50-58 at night when flowering and up to 70 in the daytime.
    Its been like -10 for like 2 weeks.
    When its 30-35 outside my growroom gets to 80 when the lights on and down to 65 at the night time cycle.

    I know the cold will change the leaves because i have 2 plants that are flowering and one of the plants the leaves are turning purple and on the other plant the hares are lavender color.
    I planted some old seeds of great herb and only two out of12 were female,(well they are the only 2 that sprouted) so can it be because of good herb or the cold?
  2. No, the cold air will do nothing, not even to the leaves, sounds like your growing plants with a "Blueberry" trait, it will be the strain that determines colouring etc , certainly not the air.
    good luck
  3. Sorry i never got back to ya,
    thanks sounds good to me on saying its bb bud..
    they are some old ass seeds,cant remember them all...lol
  4. Actually, temp does offer a contribution to harvest. When the 'night' temp is 15' or more lower than the 'day' temps, the plant is tricked into more vigorous flower production, believing that fall is here, and winter is close. Another way to help bolster this floral misconception is to add some red light to the setup. This comes automatic with HPS. I adjust(with my bluer MH) by adding bright red reflectors.
    Variations, vaguries, and chance are what makes home growing such an enjoyable challenge.
    Of course, it all starts with genetics, which can make or break a grow. From there, maximizing lighting, temp control, CO2 introduction, types of ferts, pH of H2O, and frequency of application, and control of these potentially vital variables are what makes a staisfactory harvest. Oh, yeah, another important issue: patience and restraint.
    the earth girl says Keep on keepin' on!
  5. Mcmurry is wrong. Cold temps do make the plant turn purple. Unoit posted some cold weathered plants last year that the cold weather turned purple.

  6. u right bbp..... cold air dose change the stem purple, and some hair..... thats why alot of people say when it hits flowering stage, the stem color is chagin to purplelish color.. well that cuzz the temp is cooler, especially outdoor, but some are just genetic aswell..latezz...
  7. Better yet ill take a pick to show you if i can get a good pic.of them.

    I know i read that the cold air would make them change,(outdoor) plants that is,but i never had a plant do it indoors .

    What was said by earth girl,big poppa puff,420 shade thanks..

    Anyway they look good.
  8. I think everyone is right on this one.

    Genetics will change the color, obviously some strains are different.

    But also as long as the diffy between your hot and cold cycle is enough it might do something.

    My room soars to almost 80 at times with the lights on, and down to a good 65 with the lights off.

    No problem growing herb here!
  9. I didn't think 50-58 was too cold?
    Maybe the plants we grow in the UK are a little more hardy?

    good luck.

    PS. Let us know the results.
  10. Highya, grobros,
    According to my best at-hand reference, INDOOR MARIJUANA HORTICULTURE, BY CERVANTES, CLARKE, & ROSENTHAL, c.1993: optimum growth takes place 72-76'F in light, a drop of 15' in dark did not affect the growth rate. Growth all but stops above 90'F and below 60'F in light and below 50'F in dark. Too great a temp drop, and plants become vulnerable to blights/mildews. R/H also plays a part, in that too high moisture content can suffocate foliage in light, and results in excessive condensation in dark(blight/mildew threat). Above 90"F can be tolerated in a system with CO2 suppliment and additional ventilation.
    I have found that hairs can turn prematurly red if allowed to grow too close to the light. Also if they catch seltzer water or other liquid topicals overspray, or if bruised, or windburned. Also if fertilized by a sneaky, lowdown, nogood, hermy male flower hiding among the lovely maiden calyxes.
    Good luck, grow happy...eg

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