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will chewing stems give you any form of high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nova, May 18, 2002.

  1. well will it?
  2. no.. if youre REALLY desperate sometime though you could always smoke a bowl of stems :p
  3. if the weed was good the stems can get you high if you have a good bit of them to smoke if i were you i'd save all the stems and seeds and when you get a lot of them and i mean a lot then you can make a little bit of hash oil out of them
  4. dont bother, even if the stems were from primo bud, it still wouldnt do anything, may i suggest that yo save all your tems in a ajr then once you get a few grams worth of them addd in some high proof alcohol such as vodka or everclear or bacardi, then let it sit for a week or so in the dark then'll have some yummy potka that will knock you out.
  5. stems, buds, seeds, etc, must be heated b4 the chemicals inside are released(this doesn't apply to butane extraction, alcohol extraction and the like). so eating a half-ounce of some kb wouldn't do anything to you unless you cooked it in cookies or something.

  6. Thats bullshit I eat weed all the time without heating it up just eat it regular it fucks you up
  7. so you just eat dry buds with no prepartion of any kind?

  8. well somethings not right then, because marijuana needs to be heated to a certain temperature to release enough thc you can get high off of. its not possible to get high off of eating straight up unheated weed, unless you use chemicals like alchohol to extract the thc.
  9. it's not the heat it's just that if you ate a bunch of buds nothing would happen because the thc would not be absorbed i your system that's why you have to bond it to fat, or alcohol because thc is fat and alcohol soluble so just eating your bud would not get you high unless you cooked it up with some butter or something which is how they make magic brownies and such
  10. I've got another there no way to pass the urine test!!???

  11. Wow...the things you learn here.

  12. actually eating like 2 grams of uncooked weed WILL give you a buzz, as a very small amount of THC is still absorbed by your body.. its just that if it was cooked in alchahol or fat, it could get you much, much higher :smoke:
  13. what i do is cut up some bud, stir it into some applesauce and microwave it for a while.... its killer if you get it right
  14. throw your stems in a bottle of vodka (while most of the vodka is still there and keep doing this until the bottle is full.... leave for frigging ages and then u get some very nice tasting stuf that gets you "stronked"!

  15. Ohhhhhhhhh wooow!!! I'm doing this right now! Thanks for the idea Digit! I'm always running out of weed...but, always have lot's of stems and seeds. So, I will now prepare for another dry spell...[​IMG]

  16. Ive been high off of eating buds, i ate a 1/2 oz of bud cause i was about to get busted so i had to down my stash, it gave me quite the nice buzz
  17. I don't know what it does for people, but I had a cat that went nuts over stems.

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