Will cannabis ever be legal in UK?

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  1. Does anyone think that weed will ever be legal in the UK?
    This also applies to medical conditions etc, the same way that some US states have medical dispenseries.
    If so how long do you think it will be before this happens?

  2. I would like to think that UK would follow suit and it would be sweeeet:smoke:
    but i can enjoy smoking now with it not being legal, so does it really need to change?
  3. I think it would be treated differently if you could just walk into a dispensery and just have a look at what deals are on and pick from a variety of strains etc
    Also some people who would like to use it for medical reasons may not be able to get any weed or good enough quality.

  4. This is very true, i agree.
    I cant actually picture there being dispenseries in the UK in my head, like just walking down the street and its there, would be cool, lets just wait and see ;)
  5. It's called wishful thinking my friend.
    I just cant really see the harm though. Apart from the fact that you'll have half of your area protesting against it because it will probably bring heroin and crack addicts to the area even though they have nothing to do with cannabis.......it's a shame thats how some people think.

  6. i think that people are just uneducated about weed in general, and have been gave such negative thoughts on it through the media etc. that they believe that it is a harder drug than it actually is and classify weed smokers as drug addicts, when really stoned all im going to do is eat some crisps and keep myself to myself.

    maybe one day everyone will understand and we can share the love:smoke:
  7. Perhaps, but I also think that there are alot of people who just don't want to learn anymore about it because they think they know enough.
    I love to learn about it not only because I'm a big fan of it, but also because its a hot top and a debate thats conastantly being brought up.
    Maybe the goverment should start putting it in people food to see how people like it lol.
    I agree though, the love needs to be shared, a pleasure we can all enjoy.
  8. hi all,
    this will not happen, it all stems down to an agreement made years ago with our government and the american government. the american government saw cannabis as a major threat to its cotton industry and persuaded several countries to sign a agreement to make cannabis illegal to produce. untill the US completly legalise or declaire this agreement void the UK will not be able to legalise cannabis (as much as we all want it).
  9. This will happen in the next five years! Mark my words!
  10. Harry Jacob Anslinger (May 20, 1892 – November 14, 1975) held office as the Assistant Prohibition Commissioner in the Bureau of Prohibition.

    This man was the sole reason it is illegal in the UK and over 160 countries worldwide. He took the American prohibition of Marijuana worldwide, as he took it to the UN. And yes, I agree that legalization probably will not occur once the US government legalizes it first, or if enough states make waves. I truly believe Canada will be the first to do so, this year we will find out.
  11. I don't think so...........sorry
  12. The legality of Cannabis in the UK is an interesting one indeed. While I don't quite depict the uk to allow weed to be sold in public dispensaries and Coffee Shop programs, I DO see a future for growers and legalisation, and store-bought Cannarettes (Big Beautiful joints sold in the cigarette section of your local One-Stop). I for one would gladly pay £100-£150 for a year of unprohibited weed growing, and it'd take us Stoners right out of the hands of dangerous gangs and dealers (Plus, more bargain for your notes).

    I personally think that -ALL- drugs should be legalized, except for the hardest, most dangerous ones in Lieu of REAL scientific evidence from publicly commissioned scientists, on the grounds that prohibition of substances is the prohibition of free choice. We put drugs in our system, something happens. It's our choice, and we're well aware of any potential risks to our health or mental state.

    So yeah, I think weed will be legalized, it's just a matter of when we can force the government off their asses and make GREAT Britain live up to it's title.

    Biologist, Chemist, Stoner!
    - Fez.
  13. It will be legalized, but the UK is a different kettle of fish compared to USA. So much mis-information and the legalization movement is nowhere near as strong, which means we have a lot more work to do
  14. Now that 2 states have legalized for recreation, I like to think it will be legalized everywhere in the 1st world within the next decade. Governments have a hard on for mis-information on this subject, but the people are waking up and speaking their mind, and politicians won't be able to ignore this for much longer.

    Keep your chin up.
  15. True that. I think what our public needs is some good old fashioned awareness. We've always been too scared to initiate change, I guess that's where the Americans beat us. At the moment, we can sincerely hope that it will become legal, but Britain needs to stand up and take action.
  16. How can we get a vote for legalizing cannabis in the UK? The only cannabis petition I can find online has expired and only received 28k names =[

  17. Make a new one then. Work at it and work at it and work at it. I heard that the initiatives in Colorado and Washington passed because the people who worked for it promoted it like no tomorrow, sending hundreds of emails, making thousands of phone calls, and generally getting out there and making a change. This won't happen overnight and I'm fed up of the negative attitude we have towards making a change - it's time to stand up and take action.
  18. The largest petition on epetitions for HM Gov right now is located here The Legalisation of Cannabis - e-petitions

    With 320 signatures so far it has a long way to go =[ I am going to write a letter to my local MP this weekend.
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    The legalization movement is still young in the UK at the moment. Everything hinges on what I like to call "Three A's":


    Awareness through Domestic Ad Campaining, Protests, Education, and Perserverence. We have no wealthy states to promote educational advertising, so it's the responsibility of existing activists to promote it themselves. Publicise your own printed posters and put them up in your town, research statistics, make your own free E-Adverts, using Youtube as your service provider, anything that spreads public awareness that Weed itself has a high potential to benefit humanity. A message I like to use when challenged about the legality of weed (and trust me, my partner likes to challenge me about it) is as follows:

    We're not harming anyone. We're keeping ourselves to ourselves, and upholding our private dignity. We're out of the way, in our own homes, we have no intention to cause a disturbance, and we are choosing to do this of our own free will.

    Acceptance can only come from awareness. Some will remain stubborn about it: not everyone will agree with your views, but think of it this way: If we can get just 51% of the United Kingdom to vote in favor of the legalization of Weed, we've won. As long as we have more than a 50% statistical lead, we can't lose to old lies and stereotypes. Mass Awareness = Mass Acceptance.

    Alternatives. Now, the thing about these is they're hard to come up with. You can't make everyone happy, so many leaders have to come up with compromises. If Weed can't be regulated as a wholesale, commercial product for sale in stores or coffee shops, then allow people to grow it in their own homes legally, but ban the sale or distribution. It'll keep markets happy, and weed smokers satisfied. Even then, the government could make money from it by issuing mandatory "Grower's Licensing". Say for about £120 a year, just £10 a month, you could be given legal rights to grow Marijuana on your property: In your garden or home. As long as you presented a valid license to police, they can't take your garden and arrest you for illegal cultivation.

    The reason it's not legal in the UK right now is because:

    - We're too scared to sacrifice a few hours of our day or a few comforts to get our message across.

    - Because of this, nobody's going to listen to what's right and wrong, and nobody will speak out against the prohibition laws.

    - We're all so hellbent on getting what we want, the way we want it, that we don't stop to think that there are other ways to go about getting what we want that can keep everyone else happy aswell. Think not of yourself but of others aswell!

    Until some of us take the lead and use the three A's, I'm afraid you'll still be doing that run-of-the-mill, paranoid walk down the street at night on the way back home from your latest score, hoping and praying you don't get stop-searched by patrolling officers.

    *Side-Note* For those of you that might find yourselves stumbling across my YouTube page, and wondering why I haven't got any Weed-related videos in my uploads, keep an eye out. I don't have the resources at the moment to obtain weed by means of a dealer yet, but I do, hopefully in the near future, plan on growing weed. I'll be documenting the growth phase by Vlogs for education and reference, as well as technique to keep myself and others in check with the best advised research and growing methods.

    I'm still young to the concept of growing, and I'm going to be a really small time grower (1-2 Plants given I don't have the cupboard space for a larger grow, and the garden has a real low cut fence. On the upside, the 1-2 CFLs needed for it will be cheap to run!), so if you're an experienced grower and can provide any really useful technique for Indoor, Soil-Pot growing in the UK (Perhaps good brands of fertiliser, organic enhancers, ways to combat and prevent Botrytis/Bud Rot), as well as drying and curing advice and good ways to prevent neighbourly suspicion from smells, activities ect, then feel free to send me a PM!

    When I do get into growing, I'll also be putting up a growlog on here for you all to gander at!)*

    *Final Edit* Apologies for the Wall of Text guys!

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