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Will bud dried for 5 days get me a high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stabbath, May 3, 2011.

  1. Got a couple of buds almost a week back that I've had hanging since. I've put 4/5ths of it in a jar for curing however I've put some aside for a session with the boys tomorrow. The stuff is purple haze and smells a bit like... hay I guess. The stem snaps rather easy so I'm gonna assume it is adequately dried. My question is... will I get a decent buzz out of uncured bud? I'm not really concerned about the taste and harshness of the smoke as I was brought up on shitty bud. Just wanna know about the end result. Cheers :D
  2. I hate to sound impatient, but this is my only option tbh. Said gathering is in the morning, which is too short-notice to contact my dealer. I don't want to be that guy that shows up without weed.
  3. i would just bring ur bud a long and warn your friends that it might not do the job... also don't be the only guy bringing bud and your good.. tell them that next time u got em..
  4. I won't waste my time if all I get is ass-taste and no high >_>
  5. I'm sure it'll work, but it might be harsh and taste bad. It smells like hay because there's chlorophyll in it.

    I'd save it and put it in some jars...Better in the long run.

    Toss your guys some cash, or maybe bring snacks. Tell them you're going to wait to smoke it until it gets good. I'm sure they wont mind.
  6. Actually, I just took a good whiff of the jar and there is a really strong pine smell. Smelled really nice.
  7. It'll be smoke able, as long as it is not wet. But it won't be at it's fullest potential for another few weeks. Smoking a little bit would be fine but I wouldn't waste it all.
  8. As you dry and cure the bud the d-9 THC will slowly decarboxylate and produce higher levels of CBN, which will lend to a more "stoney," body-buzz high than you will get with the fresh bud. You will still get high with fresh bud, and likely won't notice a difference unless you're a connoisseur, to be honest.

    Just make sure that you're not putting wet bud into jars to cure, as that is inviting mold to the party.
  9. My house is ideal for drying atm, and I'm sure it the bud adequately dried (though I am no expert). It's not like it's fresh off the plant. It feels a little chrispy on the outside yet still soft to the touch. Pic of a tiny bit I'm planning to test right now.

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  10. ^that doesn't look right at all.... It's weed... just... bad weed lol
  11. It just hasn't had the dried leaves trimmed off. If those were taken off it would look like some nice sticky bud I'm sure.

    and OP, you can smoke that, it'll definitely get you high.
  12. Eh, yeah. It does look a bit dodgy. But like I said I was brought up on shitty weed. This is the rest I've got hanging. It's not purple though, just regular bud.

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  13. Make a tinfoil bowl and a bendy/adjustable lamp with and old lightbulb and flip it over every 20 minutes - 30 minutes, that's what I did when I had to dry my weed quick.

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