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Will Blazing Affect My Stamina?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flyingtigers, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Alright well i play hockey and i was just wondering if blazing will affect my stamina greatly or not. I blaze about 1-3 times a week, i feel fine when im on the ice but i was just wondering if it will slowly decrease or not. thanks :bongin:
  2. Short answer: Yes. It also slows your reaction time.
  3. I've heard it doesn't badly affect your lungs. However after smoking some blunts and harsh hits I'd say my lung capacity felt lower for 3 or 4 days.
  4. That ^ or if you are worrying about your stamina or trouble breathing, invest in a cheap vape. Perferably the magic flight launch box. I play varsity football and have no trouble at all, and almost about all of the kids on the team smoke weed or chew and we are 5-2. :D don't worry about it man, but if you are really worried about it, buy that vape. :bongin: good luck man

  5. Depends, if you work out regularly it shouldnt affect you. I used to have terrible reaction time cause i would get so baked an never exercise, but then i started working out and it fixed it. Make sure you get regular exercise and it'll help drastically if your starting to have breathing problems.
  6. I got a buddy who is a phenomenal hockey goalie...and he smokes A LOT of weed.

    As long as you don't smoke weed instead of working out, you should be fine.
  7. i was on varsity track and soccer in high school smoked everyday never had a problem with stamina, even blazed before id triple jump and run the 100m, helped me control my technique for jumping, and improved my time for the 100. Lemme tell u thou that 100 seems alot longer when ur fuckin blazed, probably made me run faster thinkin i wasd goin slow as shit.
  8. Smoking anything isn't good for the lungs, so you're putting your aerobic capacity under pretty serious attack. There are things you can do to make it better--bongs, filters, and the like--but nothing you can do to make it good.
  9. If you vape it won't affect it at all really, and smoking 3/7 days won't do much. Marijuana != cigarettes.
  10. psh! i've been smoking weed for years now and i've got a greater lung capacity than aquaman!! COME SEE ME UNDER WATER!!!
  11. i would really like to see proof backing up the idea that it slows your reaction time. i've felt just as athletic and coordinated since i've been smoking if i haven't felt more. i will say that for some people it can worsen your stamina.

    but any negative effects from smoking can be easily avoided by vaporizing.
  12. If you smoke blunts and joints then yes
    but if you use bongs and vaps then no
  13. People are mistaking stamina for mindset. Being lazy because your high isn't having lowered stamina, thats just the marijuana increasing your already lazy personality. Stamina is how long you can do something before you're tired or can't continue... not how well you focus.
  14. Whenever i would compete high it was always so intense, i could really get a feel for that surge of adrenaline, thought i was fuckin superman, and everytime i was high i did better than when i was sober, so fuck the stamina claim.
  15. nah, it depends on what YOU'RE doing.
    if you're working out often (which I guess you are cause you're playin the best sport on the planet) you'll be fine, I smoke pretty much every day, and work out and run and swim as well (beginning training for a triathalon) so it all depends on what you're doing apart from smoking.
    also, I dk if you smoke during games, (I'd guess not), I do sometimes, I only play pickup games with friends and intermurals, but I swear to God that I have wayyyyy better ice vision when I"m ripped. I can just see or feel where people are going to be, I shit you not, I'm like a 10x better player when I'm ripped.
  16. Like said before not only will it affect your stamina negativly but also it will slow your reaction time. Best idea if your serious about sports is to avoid smoking weed man if your gonna do it do it once every once in a while and work out a lot is my suggestion
  17. to each his own, but yeah weed definetly helps with focus, vision, and technique imo, and as far as reaction time its just ur perception of time that slows down, not time itself. if u can realize that u perceive time to be slower u wnt slow urself down, in fact i think u can actually react faster and move faster, due to overcompensation allowing u to push past ur normal limit of functionality. i applied this to runnin track throughout high school.
  18. See potheads will say weed helps with shit like focus and reaction time n shit, the gods honest truth tho is that weed lowers performance overall and pretty much in every aspect.
  19. no see u misunderstood the point i was makin. im not defending it because im a pothead, im saying that based upon MY use in conjunction with sports i found from MY own experience it benefited me, however this may not apply to everyone and u may not see it or experience it the same way, thus TO EACH HIS OWN. there are many professional athletes that use weed and i dnt see their performance being lower, however one does not know the extent of that use.

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