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  1. I'm going to start my first grow here, and wondering which method has the easiest maintenance, using a bubble bucket or soil. The issue is, I travel. A lot. My wife can help while I'm gone, but it needs to be simple, like just watering, raising a light, etc.

    And before someone says 'wait until after you travel' - I wish I could. Unfortunately I will never have 2-3 months w/o travelling.

    I'll be gone a week here and there, with one 4 week trip to Japan.

    I appreciate any opinions/tips you all may have!

    (set up will be 24x48x60" tent, with T5/CFL's & proper ventilation)
  2. From my research I'd say do bubble buckets with a separate resevoir, get a cup with a line marked out for nutrient levels that she can just pour in to the line and dump in with the water.
  3. Thanks Ganoo - that's the route that I'm favoring at the moment. My only concern is the pH, but still doing a lot of reading on here about that... hopefully I can get it stable enough it won't need adjusting while I'm gone.
  4. I would at least check out the organic/soil option. You can brew microbe teas that store for a week or bit more if kept chilled. You don't have to monitor pH. Your wife would just alternate regular waterings with your prepared tea waterings. For the longest trips where the teas won't last the whole time, a very simply prepared mixture without sensitive measurements can substitute for the final feeding or two.

    If you can dial in a hydro setup, it sounds very tempting.... I'd just be leary of unanticipated issues arising while away.
  5. Much appreciated windowless. I'll look into the teas as you suggest. Something I've come across now too are the soil mixtures that don't require nutes through the whole grow. Still a lot of reading to do!

    But, good news, the seed fairy came today!

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