Will be enough yield or no

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    12 cannabis plants 3 and half months old about 5 feet tall.how much yield will give? Your opinion​

  2. Couple of pounds maybe.
  3. How much is that?4-5
  4. Anywhere from nothing at all, to 4 ish lbs
  5. Yeaa but there are two more months before harvest
  6. They'll hopefully double in size ance flowering is in affect. If everything goes good and no problems arise while flowering,bud rot, root problems, cold damp weather, or bugs I mean their are a number of things that could go wrong. Keep a close eye on them and you should be fine if all goes well 4 pounds easy.
  7. Post pics when you harvest and keep is informed if you would.
  8. It is possible to get more than 1/2 lbs per plant...?i have more than 30 plants but these 12 girls are my favorite (blueberry,frisian dew and black jack)

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