Will Autoflowering strains dominate the market?

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  1. Will Autoflowering strains dominate the market?

    That's my question, you know cause in my opinion theres been an explosion of autoflowering strains available from seed, which require no change in light schedule.

    Do you guy think these will replace what growers are using now, just cause it's less hassle to grow?

  2. probably not because there's little control you have over the grow...which is what I think the majority of growers like.

    I do think that if the seeds became cheap enough you would see an explosion of them in the personal grower/starter grower because they are so easy to grow.

    But currently, 50 bucks for some autoflowering seeds that aren't nearly as potent as non-autoflowering seeds just isn't worth it to me.
  3. for the most part no.
    autoflowering strains get their traits from reduralis, which are less potent than indica, sativa, or a hybrid of both. you're likrly to find some reduralis bud, because of the speed, a comercial grower can set out a SOG of lowryders for example and get a huge harvest quicker than any other pure strains, they can almost get 2 yields for 1 yield of indica/sativa. the only downside to this is that reduralis are less potent.
  4. hell no!

    the quality is low as shit, so is yield, you cant clone them, they dont respond well to topping or LST work, their a damn gimmick

    auto flowering strains are a cross of some variety, depending on type i guess,

    but their all crossed with something and a ruderrails strain. ruderrails can be found growing wild all over the place with virtualy NO THC. thats where our term "ditch weed" comes from
  5. Your gunna start seeing a lot of this on the street because, as thesoftparade said, you can harvest more much quicker. People who are growing their own stash will probably choose a sativa or an indica. Personaly I'm not gunna touch these seeds, I'd rather wait 14 weeks for dank than 30 days for mids.
  6. I HOPE NOT! or I will kill myself.
  7. As breeders start to stabalize certain traits the autoflowering strains will just keep getting better and better but really you can always just go 12/12 from seed.

    The only advantage is you can go 24/0 of light all the way through and that might get you to harvest quicker I dont really know.

    I have seeen some FAAAAT Lowryder 2 plants though that are packed with crystals, I am not sure why everyone is saying that they suck. A fat plant like that which you can grow with 24/0 light and is gauranteed to harvest quick and stay low and fat is perfect for micro growers and sea of green.
  8. Lowryders have the intresting trait of autoflowering, Breeders can save autoflowering traits and pass that on to more potent plants while maintaining the autoflowering qualities. but they are NO replacement for a plant you can keep as a mother one that fits your style of high! they will dominate the low end of the market but not take it over.
  9. While it is true there is an amount of autoflowering genes from ruderalis, the ruderalis is so outbred that maybe the autoflowering component is all there is of it. Even the newer Joint Doctor crosses can't even be 10% ruderalis nowadays.

    I've done the dieselryder, and it was FAR better than "mids", and was probably more than 15%, in my experience. It's been a long time since the original Lowryder was put out, and quality and potency have climbed almost logarithmically. I tried some of the low-life stuff from a friend, and while it wasn't quite up to Dieselryder, it was pretty good, too.

    Will they dominate? No. Will they continue to sell, increasing over the next few years as some of the strains go to over 20%? Definitely.

    For the space they take up, and yields of more than one gram per watt of dired, trimmed bud, using flourescent tubes, even, I have to say they're a very good thing.
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    For growers who are lucky enough not to have space issues, autoflowering plants are not ideal. If you have a grow room as opposed to a grow closet/box, why would you want to grow little plants that produce limited yield? If I had a whole room or basement or attic to devote to growing, I'd certainly go for a big yielder.

    There will always be an interest in small plants that mature quickly amongst personal growers who have limited space though. And especially for those who are less experienced growers. Hell, if it's your first grow and you don't really know what you are doing, what could be better than 'set it and forget it' plants that don't require changin light schedules or advanced grow knowledge that many of the indica/sativa plants require? And I'm sure in time the breeders of the autoflowering plants will find ways to increase the potency to levels that rival non-autoflowering strains. Once that happens, why wouldn't these plants become popular? ;)
  11. There are many, many reasons why a lot of us want nothing to do with this stuff. Ruderalis is known for it's low quality high, and autoflowering plants seem like a lot more of a problem than a plus. Unless you're a teenager trying to hide a grow from your parents, I really don't see the point of a strain you can't keep or clone, or control in any way.

    I don't think they will ever come close to dominating any sizeable market.
  12. I've completed a couple of grows of auto AK47/hindu kush. The potency was quite good, but needed a good cure to be really potent. There was also a few different phenos with very different tastes and smells. I would say that they are best suited to stick a few in your veg room if you have the space. That way it's extra smoke that will flower while the others are vegging. I still have about a hundred seeds from my last auto grow so I think that next time I'm going to do 25 or 30 autos while I grow out a couple new mothers.
  13. I prefer a strain that flowers on command not on its own.

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