Will arkansas be the first southern state to fully legalize cannabis?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by icky the noob, May 5, 2016.

  1. Damn, and it's one of the most sensible plans too.
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  2. Florida's getting pretty close as well. A few cities, including my town of Orlando, has/is decriminalizing possession of 20 grams or less. We were close to getting medical, but it lost in Nov. 2014 by 2%, gonna be up again this fall. Let's see what happens.

    Hopefully one of these southeastern states gets recreational soon.
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  3. Same with arkansas. Idk what percent but it was small. There's actually 2 props getting signatures now. One will be voted on in june which is for medicinal.

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  4. Is the June vote attached to anything? Nov will be the ideal time for anything to pass. Young people will be out and it's unlikely any Presidential candidate will specifically run against it. I only hope we don't get Christie as an AG. He could really set things back.

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  5. legalize it!
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  6. Arkansas gunna be smokingrass
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  7. Law will be i can grow 36 plants at one time. Also can sale as long as its taxed.

    If this makes ballot its passing..

    Drops all marijuana charges. ( Ive been to prison and rarely see inmates with just weed charges) but thats still time reduced. Also the $ it saves in police work then taking them to court. Then paying to house them in prison.

    This gets medicinal in arkansas, and 85% of arkansans approve of medicinal.

    I dont want to get my own hopes up but its to late lol

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