Will anybody actually take Matt Cassel?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Johnny Blazed, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. 2 first round picks and the millions seems like a ripoff for a guy that had one good year
  2. i dunno.. if your a team like the jets or the bucs you want a younger qb like cassel
  3. there are plenty of teams out there that would love to have him the pats will not trade him till they know tom brady is 100%
  4. I'd gladly take him over Matt Schaub on the Texans.
  5. well im a little short right now. how bout 15 million? im not saying the jets will go after him.. plust i doubt the pats would deal him away to a divisional rival.. i was just saying the jets are in need of a qb like him. the guys only been mentoring under one of the best quarterbacks ever. i think it would be like a steve young under montana situation.. and if it were the late 80's i would have tried to get steve young on my team (not comparing cassel to young, just comparing the situation)
  6. the patriots system has always produced top of the line quarterbacks and belicheck and his quarterback coaches are some of the best in the league, not to mention that they have one of the best offensive lines in the league... combine that with two great recievers (moss, welker, etc) and even a mediocre quarterback would be able to shine.. i think if he was on a team like the lions or the 49ers who have shitty offensive lines, then he would definitely not be able to perform as well
  7. 49ers?

    just a couple of teams with shitty qbs. But i seriously doubt anyone will be willing to give up 2 first round picks. Just draft a qb for all of that.
  8. They franchised him anyways so he is not going anywhere this year.

  9. wow really? i didnt hear about that fuck im out of the loop haha
  10. Even though they franchised him, they could still trade him.

    I don't see him remaining a Patriot for the full season next year. Once Brady comes back with a vengence (like I believe he will) I bet the Pat's end up trading Cassel. It would be utterly stupidly, to keep to of the top 5 paid QB's in the league on one team...

  11. yeah brady is gonna be back and hes gonna rape the league... again.. so whats the point of having cassel unless brady goes down again haha
  12. A better question would be: What are the Patriots going to get in return for Cassel ?
  13. 2 First Round draft picks and the millions man

    The Jets are in need of a new QB, did Brett Farve ever sign the retirement papers? If not, then I don't beleive it until I see it especially after last year. The Jets are going to be looking for a young QB, but would it be worth risking alone on Matt Cassel? He had one good season.

    The Patriots prob won't allow the trade until after they see if Tom Brady is coming back 100% of not...
  14. There are decent QB's coming through so maybe the Jets will just take Sanchez instead of losing anything with a trade to the Pats..

    The Pats are retarded for letting A. Samuel go.. their whole D is old.

    They need to start looking for some young defensive players..
  15. People have said the same thing about Deion Branch, Lawyer Milloy, Terry Glenn...

    They always seem to find guys to fill a role. The Patriots missed the playoffs on a statistical tiebreaker after posting an 11-5 record with a backup QB. The Pats need a better offensive line to protect Brady and allow him to throw missiles to Randy Moss and short but devastating passes to Welker.

  16. The Jets seems like a last resort trade, otherwise it would be asking for trouble trading someone of Cassel's talent to a rival team.
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    The Pats need a better O line? Whaaaaat?

    The only thing the Patriots need is more young blood on the defense, especially in the linebacker core. The Patriots O line is the best in the league in my book. Does anyone get more time in the pocket than Brady? I don't think so... And when their running game is at 100%, the O line can clear lanes like nobody's business

    Edit: Okay I will concede that the O line did fail him during the Super Bowl, but there was shotty play all around, you could see he wasn't 100% standing in the pocket... but every team is bound to have an off day after a grueling season like that... just sucked that it had to be during the big game.
  18. Matt Cassel was sacked 47 times during the season. Among upper-tier QBs, that's more than Peyton Manning's 14, Philip Rivers' 25 and Eli Manning's 27. Only Ben Roethlisberger came close with 46, but he's a scrambler, so take from that what you will. I don't want anyone coming close to Brady's knee next season.

    I guess the Super Bowl just left a bad taste in my mouth, it was like every play Brady got sacked. Usually baseball season is enough to distract me from football, but I really can't wait to see how Brady recovers and whether or not he and Moss can still connect for those jaw-dropping plays.
  19. Brady is going to come back with a vengence, mark my words.

    Anyone know the QB that got sacked the least this past year ? He may not be a upper-tier QB, but our O-Line definitely is ;)

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