Will any of these lights work?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by troll mafia, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. i didnt realize it when i posted but everytime i post a link of certain lights it just goes to the main page

    so what light do you think would work and was cheap?
  2. i went to the link and had to search around alot. i found a few that looked good under the phillips brand. 100 watt soft whit produces 1880 lumens which is enough for a healthy plant to some extent. 400 watt high pressure sodium at 21.00 for just the bulb. (youd need the balast and what not for that.)
    Chance this maybe.... My friend bought a 4 foot fluorescent fixture that he had to wire himself which wasnt hard. he got two hot ,warm red spectrum lights and two cool blues. alltoghther now hes got about 12,000 lumens. that equals out to roughly enough for 5 plants. bulbs cost him 12.00 totall the fixture cost 26.99 so add that up. everyone will tell you HPS IS THE WAY TO GO. THIS IS POSTED UNDER CHEAP GROW SUPPLIES IN THE GROW ROOM SETUP FORUM

    $40 150w HPS
    $35 70w HPS
    $35 150w HPS
    $90 250w HPS
    $80 250w HPS
    $100 400w HPS
    inside sun 400w HPS for $90

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