will any light work?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Amarkarian, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. thinking about growing some plants, im prolly gun to have them growing under a light until there 2 inches big then moving them outdoors. my question can i use any light in my house to give them light for there begining stages?
  2. How many plants you want to start???
    No you cant just uses any light blub you have in the house..
    Since your just going to be starting inside i supose you will be wanting to go as cheeply as possable, right?? Get yourself a couple CFL's 2-3 fourtyeight watters should do just fine to get them off and running good luck...choke with ya later...
  3. the thing is i dont have anyway of getting special lights.
  4. fluro's aren't special lights, you can buy them at wal mart or home depot. I found 42w fluro's at home depot for about $9 a piece. How are you not able to get lights? It sounds like your not old enough or something, i mean it would take 15 mins to drive to the store and pick up some fluro's. If you don't want to go anywhere to buy them, then buy some online. The truth is, your not going to be able to grow unless you get the right lights (hps and mh are the best although fluro's will work)

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