Will an Oxy RX fuck up my medical record?

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  1. someone I know is related to a doctor who's willing to write up some oxy prescriptions for me, starting at around 70 40mg's and later upped to 120 80mg's a month (i have to give his friend half of them)
    my only question is, is something like this gonna fuck my medical record up in the future? i'm pretty sure hes gonna classify it as severe back or neck pain.. and i dont wanna have any problems getting jobs due to medical checks
    anyone think this is safe or just a bad idea in general?
  2. I don't see why not?
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    Jesus christ man, 120 80mgs a month?
  4. It may effect your ability to get health insurance in the future. They might view it as a "preexisting condition" and either deny you or charge you a shitload more then you should be paying.
  5. damn what i wouldnt do for 120 oxy 80s a month!
  6. I think I would die for 120 oxy 80s a month....


    oh wait.... with, not for.... with
  7. probably not a good idea, no, but then neither is airing out your risque/illegal practices world wide when your isp num is in other databases elsewhere with more info connected to it.
  8. What's an isp num?
  9. QFT!!

    sounds like an addiction waiting to happen, imo.
  10. i hope not, i was on 60 80s and 60 30s ir, now im only on 90 30s and finished them wayy to fast because of how much pain im in. i hope i dont fuck my record, wd is not fun though dude, esp on them doses. ive been through it tooo many times and currently in wd right now. if you really dont need them, id advise you to take it slow, i need them, and its fuckin hard getting them because of insurance companies dont want kids on them not to mention the phone call your doc makes to the DEA after you leave the office, makes a recoding of ur condition and your scripts.
  11. does anyone know how medical records work?
    is it just one universal file or does each doctors office have their own?

    after thinking about i think i might just forget it
    even though it would be nice having those oxy's

    my biggest concern is if an employer checked my medical record, it would most likely include the whole 'chronic back pain' and oxycontin use right?

    btw thanks for the answers
  12. id jump at the oppurtunity to get all those free pills. 120 80mg oxys goes for a lot on the street
  13. Unless you work in construction or do heavy lifting I don't see what the problem with that being on your medical records would be.
  14. This site is worth reading:


    It doesn't look like a future employer could turn you down for a job based on your medical records. However, as I mentioned above, the biggest risk could be getting health insurance in the future. With a preexisting condition, you could end up paying $1000+ per month in health insurance, if they'll cover you at all. It's something that could follow you around for the rest of your life.
  15. holy shit those are 40 bucks a piece around here.
  16. I think you'd be good. As long as it isnt a "lasting condition" then you should be good.

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