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Will a zip lock bag keep out moisture?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by evilalex, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Ok I'm reading all these threads about that guys black bud and this and that and now you stoners have me paranoid :(

    I usually turn on my shower let it get nice a steamy and then open up my baggy and smoke my herb, then suck the air out and seal the baggy, leave it on the toilet while I shower for maybe 10 minutes then bring it back and put it in my stash jar (still in the baggy).

    Is this bad? The last thing I want is to be smoking moldy bud. And honestly, honestly even if I know how high and paranoid I am right now, I rather post a stupid thread in this section then have to rationalize to myself that I'm good and end up with mold in my lungs.

    I guess I don't know how long it really takes for the bud to absorb moisture and create mold.
  2. Get a 2$ mason jar or pickle jar and dont worry about. They make smaller ones. If a ziplock leaks it depends on the brand. take a spare bag fill with water and see if it leaks. And unless you leave the bud in moisture for days then your ok
  3. As hippie said, buy a mason jar they are very very useful if you are a true stoner.
  4. Mason Jarrrr!!!
  5. Id Have To Agree With What Theyre Saying A Mason Jar Is Your Best Choice .
    Cheap And Really Useful .
  6. when in doubt double bag, or glass stash jar with a steel cork (from wall-e world)
    certain kinds of mold aren't bad, but that comes from curing and burying you own grown bud...
  7. What? Steel Cork????. Im going to bed on that note.
  8. Well my daughter has bath toys I keep inside of a rather large ziplock back and it sweats like a bitch after a shower.

    So I'd probably invest in a mason jar

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