Will a plant started late still grow with 13.5 Hours of sunlight ?

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    I planted 1 seed early and it started flowering ended up male :(.

    I started some late and luckily one saved me and is flowering 1.5ft.

    HOWEVER, I have some that are very small like 4-5 nches at most.. leaves are getting fattish though about 3-4 full marijuana leaves.

    Will it grow until its mature enough to flower ? because i still have till august 27 until the day reaches 12 hours 58 minutes..like almost a month

    IT LOOKS to be Sativa dominant.
    my one flowering already is indica so im hoping it will allow it to grow a bit taller until it buds being sativa

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  2. anyone ? have searched
  3. It will flower and finish like any other outdoor plant would. Since you planted it late, it won't have as much veg time as earlier planted marijuana plants would.

    It should flower, but it won't have quite the size as a plant that was planted early in the season.
  4. You might get enough to buy yourself a new Wheel for that sexy bike haaa jk

    But yea it'll grow but don't expect much at that size
  5. Alright so technically it is still growing in veg mode ? or just getting taller in flower mode ? doesent it have to be one or the other?

    thankss! everyone
  6. Well is it flowering? Are there hairs coming out like it's budding?

    It's vegging until it starts to flower. It's perrrrdy simple Holmes.
  7. yee i get that now lol.. i was just thinking about it hella stupidly haha

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