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Will a pet goat in the house hide the weed smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by snoopdog6502, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I have a bunch of smelly plants and was thinking a pet goat would keep the house from smelling like weed.
    What do you think?

  2. LOL Wut? 
    If this is serious, goats don't smell nearly strong enough to mask the smell. 
    Cats, however....I've never been to a cat owner's home that didn't smell like litterbox and cat hair. Get a cat. Or a skunk. 
    Well then, maybe 2 goats would work.  :)
  4. I think you're smoking on some strong shit....
  5. it would, but then you'd have a really stoned goat after it eats all your plants, and shirts, and carpet, and drapes...pieces of the couch...
  6. I'd get 3 just to be safe.
    1 male and 2 females. Then I could have some "Fucking goats"
  8. When I read the title I was sure this was some idiots first post... Turns out its just good ole snoop, lol.
  9. Shit if a man can't own three pet goats to mask the smell of his personal grow op, i don't want to live on this planet anymore. Plus think of all the females that think farm animals are cute! OP will be rolling in the dough and the pussy, not to mention the goat stench.
  10. i laughed way too hard at this thread man, just want you to know i would totally rep you because you are actually serious about it op. haha
    How about a donkey instead...  twice as big and smelly and you can fuck it

    No, do you have a goat for sale?
    Are you a goat breeder?
  14. There was some guy in here talking about him and his girl getting a goat.  If you are serious I'd definitely say not to.  They actually smell very bad from what I hear, and they will eat just about anything.  They also like to clime and will fuck your house up, and I bet they love eating plants like weed.
  15. No, sorry.
  16. Oh yea some good ol' goat piss soaking in your carpet will cover your smells up!
  17. Dont just get a pet goat, get a few !
  18. Got a strain once the guy called Golden Goat, maybe it gets its skunkiness from a goat living in the house.
  19. since OP is deadset on goats, i definitely agree that he should divide his resources evenly among multiple goats

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