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will a drug dog smell half an ounce of weed in my dorm

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by hiello, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. if my school ever has drug dogs around, will a drug dog smell a half ounce of weed in a plastic bag, in a mason jar, in my dorm on the fourth floor with the door closed? and do colleges randomly have drug dogs come into dorms or no
  2. no lol. mine never did, you're fine fam
  3. Honestly I think you'll be fine but if you need an extra piece of Mind put it inside a jar glass or plastic leave it in the bag

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  4. airtight glass or ceramic and wipe container and your hands with alcohol. clean pipe with alcohol after every use and don't carry a dirty pipe on you where the smell can get on your clothes or hands. Christ get a one-hitter and store it in a jar of alcohol, take it out to smoke, and put it back in. Carry alc. wipes on you. Or don't fuck with your schooling, get your master's and you rlicense in whatever you're going to do, move to a rec. legal state, and stay the hell out of Texas or wherever the fuck you're from. Pot is still "legal" in many places, but it's still a lower-class activity and people will still find an excuse to judge you and put you down and make you pay, pay, pay so you can serve the system.
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  5. Bruhh..-Meme-Picture.jpg

    Who tf is going to wipe down the sides every time they smoke and put the pipe in alcohol after lmao you tripping bro:laughing::laughing:
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  6. oh man. imagine if they had a drug dog roam through dorm halls. half the kids would be arrested.

    no chance in hell would they do that. huge violation of individual rights.

    unless you go to a private college. then you're fucked.
  7. C-Vault
    Glass jar
    Top 3 I can think of off top of my head
  8. Someone a bit paranoid? I thought this was something that was going down.
  9. Just take a shit in your room to 1 Mark your territory and assert yourself as the alpha male and 2 to divert the dogs attention from the weed. Foolproof.
  10. I worked around drug dogs. I know of 1 dog that will find it where ever it is. But all dogs are different and some not as good as others. A dog really only good for short period of time. Keep a peanut butter sandwich near where you have your dope well hidden or put your dope in a loaf of bread. Any drug dog gonna hit on food items and make the bored ass cop think it was the food. In the car keep a crusty ass big mack and put your dope inside it and wrap it back up.
  11. Fill your room with tennis balls and hand towels tied in a knot a lot of the dogs are rewarded for the find with one of these once they see the reward u could be smoking crack and they wouldn’t care
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