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Will a dealer get mad if you ask him to weigh the product in front of you

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoner099, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. im afraid of getting ripped off and because moneys short i wanna make sure i get the most for my money

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  2. If they get mad then they have something to hide (which you don't want) ,in which case I'd dip out and get a different dealer. The customer is always right.
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    They shouldn't get mad but if they do they are most likely planning on fucking you over in some way.
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    If you are meeting him in a secure location, and there is a working accurate scale, there is no reason he shouldn't weigh it up for you upon request. My dude always weighs it up right in front of me, that way both of us know the transaction is straight. If your guy has qualms about this, he is more then likely attempting to short you somehow.
  5. buy a 8 dollar scale of amazon, weigh it yourself. i caught my dealer selling me 10 grams when I was buying 14. He gave me is for 40$ less and now it always weighs good.
  6. Aye, I've had doors slammed in my face. It's just business dude. At the end of the day that's all there is to it. You gotta have some balls sometimes otherwise people walk all over you. Be assertive. That's your hard earned cash.
  7. I dont think he would bring his scales because if he's caught with weed + scale he is fucked. You'd have to bring them, perhaps weigh it at home though as it doesn't seem he has a reason to rip you off.
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    I don't sell weed because it's against forum rules...
  9. You might wanna edit that post :smoking:
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    2nd post from him like that that I've seen today. Some people don't care ;)
    Report it
  11. just buy it, go home and weigh it, if its short then just send your mom over there
  12. As long as you're polite there's nothing wrong with it. Business is business, should be a simple matter.
  13. If a dealer gets mad for that reason then he's not a reliable source!
  14. A GOOD (very key word here) dealer would have no problem weighing out in front of you. If they don't want to weigh it out for you they have something they want to hide.
  15. If they're allowed to count the money I should be allowed to weigh the weed. 
  16. Nah I do care, there was a post similar to mine about wanting to buy a scale to weigh out what you buy and occasionally weigh out dubs to sell to friends. I didn't think talking about selling would be against forum rules because in non medical/decriminalized states, how the fuck els do you get your weed? Weed fairy? I don't think you ship weed to illegal states, actually I know you can't. Someone want to explain this to me?
  17. sometimes its inconvenient truthfully, but if he has time and nothing to hide he wouldn't be bothered one bit... if he's a real honest joe he may feel slightly offended i been there before
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    If they get mad they probably was planning on skimping you 
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    if you don't trust the person you are buying weed from where you need to make him weigh it in front of you, then i'd go find someone else.
    i think it's pretty rude to ask someone to do that.. maybe if they hand you a bag that's short or something.. but i wouldn't make a habit of doing it.
    if i were a weed dealer and some dopey teenager asked me to weigh the bag, i'd tell him to fuck off.
  20. If he doesn't or can't weigh it out in front of you at least check it out and by looking at it and feeling how dense or fluffy it is you can get a good guess at the weight, just don't front money. And if the dude doesn't have a scale, he probably isn't a good connect anyways.

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