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Will a couple days affect ones tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kaleofficial, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. So I'm a daily toker, have been for around a year now. I took a 2 week tolerance break once before and I could definitely tell a difference. But the last couple days the roads have been bad so my dealers can't deliver to me. (I can't drive, don't hate). I'm about to smoke in an hour or 2 and I was wondering will 3 days with no smoke affect my tolerance?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. No not really...tolerance is a invidual iPhone using Grasscity app
  3. if you smoke alot 1 day will even affect your tolerance. atleast it does mine. i smoke a bowl in the morning and a bowl at night.
  4. Individual thing...I've been smoking everyday for 3-4yrs now I recently took a 2month break to do medical training nd get a new job...when I smoked for the 1st time after I would say my high was pretty much the same just a minor rush at 1st but than it felt normal againiPhone using Grasscity app
  5. The only real factor is how u smoke...since different ways of smoking give u different highsiPhone using Grasscity app
  6. It does for me
  7. i smoke around .5 to .6 grams a day... 
    i took a week off, and the first time i smoked i got REALLY high and it was killer, but then the results diminished quickly. 2nd time was a lot of fun, but familiarity and tolerance started to rise. after like my 7th bowl (in like 4 or 5 days) i was back into the grind. .5 grams a day.
    i miss the days of freshman year in college where i could get FUCKING DESTROYED off 3 hits off a 1 foot shity bong. 1 if took the biggest hit possible. just get insanely, i cant fucking walk, im vibrating, high. 
    i need to take a T break....
  8. It should, smoke about 2g a day here and even 1 day i can feel the difference although with such a short break you'll only feel that nice high for 1 maybe 2 sessions. The longer you go without the more sessions youll feel that really good high
  9. Yes, but not enough for you to notice except maybe the first time or two you smoke after the short break. I need to take one of those tbreaks, I am actually beginning today because now is as good a time as ever because shit is all screwed up around here on the weed front. Plus my friend who did quit is trying to hustle everyone who still does. I am not that dumb, and I wont partake in that because it is fucked up after all I did to help in with letting him use the garage and tools to fix his car and getting him extra money. Some people dont learn until you dont answer the door or come to hang out with them at all. Oh well. 
  10. All time affects tolerance. Why do you think your wake and bakes are always "the best" - it's because you haven't smoked for 8 hours, compared to smoking all day long. A 3 day will make a difference, but nothing major. I would shoot for a week to see a nice difference. Enjoy man!
  11. I only smoke a couple days a week .5 to a gram a week on average but yeah 1 day will affect you I usually smoke every couple days so i have a low tolerance
  12. YOu will benefit appreciably from taking a day off from blazing---take a day off and then loo fwd to an Enjoyable high.
  13. When I take a break, even for a day I notice a difference. But I take Omega-3 supplements which enhance my high whether I'm on a T-break or not, so when I do take a break it's only maybe 3-5 days at the most.
  14. if i dont wake and bake it lowers my tolerance for that night
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    There's a finite number of dopamine receptors for THC and blazing up provides an infinite number of THC molecules available for binding to them; give your receptors a chance to flush out. Wonders what a day off can make! But don't take that tolerance break too far now!
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    A daily smoker for a year? Doubt that it will make a noticeable difference.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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