Will a completely naked weed stem still produce new growth

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  1. Will it grow fan leaves if it has none? Like what if one of the branches was completely defoliate d but the rest of the plant wasn’t, what would happen?

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  2. Some growers strip the vegetation off the plant when it starts flowering, but they leave the sugar leaves on. I imagine if you take off too many leaves too soon the plant could suffer.

    But one branch missing foliage isn’t going to kill it, i imagine
  3. I have completely stripped a flowered plant off all leaves and left it in the pot in the corner of the room for a few weeks after trimming it at harvest.

    It started sprouting new leaf growth out of the nodes. Sometimes you can get them to reveg even from almost sticks even without trying.

    If you defoliated a plant that was still growing on a branch it would sprout new green growth on the branch in a short amount of time.

    I lollipop my plants bare on the bottom often though the grow cycle and I have to redo it about 3 times. They just regrow new green shoots down low after I cut them off.
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  4. I recently grew my first purposely revegged plant. It turned out awesome. It's a blueberry.
    IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1191.JPG
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  5. If the plant is healthy with a strong root system it will regrow its leaves assuming you didnt chop off all nodes off the branches.

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