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Will a cfl bulb start a fire??

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by puffnopassing, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. So i just made this new grow box today and i hooked up 2 26 watt 6500k lights. after about 2 hours in use i came to check up and not the actuall grow box was hot but i felt the outside of the grow box and its hot as hell. can theese 2 lights burn plywood lined with printer paper? pleeease i need help fast. thanks
  2. You won't start a fire with 2 26W bulbs, I assume you don't have an exhaust fan though if those 2 bulbs are making your grow box that hot. Just wire a computer fan in and it will bring your temps down dramatically
  3. First off, nice name man :D

    And now for your question, lol. CFL bulbs don't put off much heat. The combustible material in question would literally have to be touching the bulb to burn at all. Like the guy above me said, it's probably just the air temp in your box. Get yourself a computer fan and wire up it as an exaust. (You'd want it to be towards the top of the box.) Then make yourself a "passive intake," which is basically a hole at the opposite end of the box as the fan, towards the bottom of the box.

    Good Luck! :smoke:
  4. alright sweet. thanks alot man haha yeah puffnopassing i wish i coulda done puffing no passing but too many letters

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