will a black light do anything, anything at all positive for my plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. So I find I have a 23" black light and portable light fixture ballast laying around. Will it do anything.....anything at all for my plants?

    If not should I buy a cool or warm floro bulb for it? Prob a good 35 more watts to add to my 66watts worth of floro's and 70w hps....any little bit I can get helps I guess. Cloning and growing one mum.
  2. It will make them look good if they want to learn to disco.
    thats bout it..black lights do nothing for your plant! sorry m8

    and yes fluoros are good
  3. yeah, using a black light is useless. you can pick up a "cool" white fluorescent (used for vegging) or a "warm" fluorescent (for flowering). i just built a small grow box and i am using a mix of cool and warm. also, you can go to the "search" button and look up some info on fluorescent lights. another good site is www.overgrow.com. you can learn alot from these two. hope it helps and good luck...

  4. its thought by many ppl that UV light makes a plant in flower make more resin, this may or may not b true but UV light will do nothing good 4 plants that arnt in flower, an extra 35w of fluro will nomatter wot stage of growth ther at.
    if u have a HPS in ther then get a nice cool white tube to go in ur fitting and that will give u the best blend of light. u have all the red u need from the HPS so dont get a warm white.
  5. a blacklight will not do a damn thing
  6. Ive got a small closet set up with a 70w HPS and about 100w of flouro's right now for my mum and some clones.
  7. blacklight emits the far UV end of the spectrum, with some visible purple as well (depends on light).

    since cool flouro is good for root growth, i'd guess that blacklights would be beneficial for the vegetative state. i'd give it a try, because i've never heard from anybody that has tried this before.

    just watch out for heat and electricity bills mefriend.
  8. Well I can't see 150 w of floro's raising my electric bill much and the HPS said it, if ran 12h day for 7 days a week is about $30 a year. So that aint no biggie either.
  9. black lights don't work

  10. it has bin tryed many times by many ppl. the light a black lite puts out is outta the range thats used by mj to grow. some ppl think that during flowering it stresses the plant in2 making more resin, but even these ppl know that it stresses it, stressing a young plant will do nothing but harm.

    at the end of the day tho its ur plant, do wot u want to it but dont say we didnt warn u.
  11. they will never ever work, keep your blacklights on your posters not your plants
  12. they will work if you hilite your marijuana leaves =D
  13. guys, read the thread before you post.........I don't plan to use it, i was just wondering.

  14. lol
  15. people make threads about black lights a lot, i hate saying over and over again that nothing good will come from it, but its the truth.

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