will a 400w metal halide grow 15?

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  1. hey guys i have 15 girls under a 400w Metal Halide bulb in an open room..all of them are about 11 to 16"...except for 4 starters...so my question is will just one 400w metal halide bulb budout 15 girls?

  2. seems a little bit of a big grow for 400w, but if you keep them really close together and keep them slim i think you'll be fine. imo as many as you can fit under the light canopy will be ok. have you considered a SOG or SCROG grow?
  3. i dont really know much about indoors...just got a setup off a buddy...n went from there...they are bushy...i just dont know how big i can get them and still get them to bud completely with one bulb...one bulb 15 bush's hmmm?
  4. Too many for the light. Cut two thirds of them out and you might have a shot at getting some good bud.

  5. agreed cut it down to 8 plants(veg) max , or 4 female plants
  6. Too late for SOG, they are too big now.
    Like the others said, 6 females tops with the 400 watt. It can do more but, it will be INNEFICIENT. Are you planning to flower with the MH?
  7. yea i plan to bud them with the light i have now...but you say 15's to much...could i get by w/9? I have the light about 14-16 inches away from them...is that to close?any info givin will be appreciated...heres a pic of my setup....you can see in the pics..where the tops growing, where the new leaves are shooting out the tip...the tips are like a little yellow but then the very tip looks like its dry n brown...these are on the new leaves so please help...and some of the leaves are like almost warped?










  8. dude you really ought to get a reflector (hood) for that light. cut your grow in half, and the reflector will focus the light more. you'll have less plants but i think they'll produce more.
  9. i have a hood for it..it just hasnt made its way to my house yet....so yea everyone thinks i should cut down...so could i get by w/9?or should i cut to 6?
  10. If you don't know their sexes do all 15. Then when you go 12/12 to determine sex, you will see what you are left with. It's like this, do 12 plants inefficiently and get x amount of weed or do 6 plants efficiently and probably get the same amount of weed. Thing is with the 6 plants you do half the work and get the same amount as if you did 12 plants. Your choice. I hate to throw out perfectly good females so just see what you get when you sex.
  11. Actually you wont be able to ever get bud from those plants because MH lights dont flower they arent the correct light spectrum for your little babies to finish. And what i would do is get a hood for that light and maybe put up some kind of artificial white walls so the light reflects more onto the plant and not surrounding area. also if you concentrate your energy in say.. 4 or 5 plants and make them nice and bushy i think youd have a greater overall yield
  12. ok i got my hood set up...and i dont really want to get rid of ne of them...b/c they are all clones from a female...so their all girls...but i only have 9 of them that are between 11-16 inches...the other 4 are 3-4 inches...but do you think ill do ok with 9?
  13. Umm...Sorry. That's just not correct. ;)

    While MH lights (in my opinion) are not as good as HPS lights, they will grow your plants from start to finish.
    The general consensus is MH is best for vegging and HPS is best for flowering, but either light will achieve results for an entire grow.

    When I started growing, I used a 250 watt MH light. When I switched to a 400 watt HPS I noticed my buds were bigger and denser (probably a combination of more light, better flowering spectrum), but I was harvesting just fine with the MH.

    As well, you can get specialty MH bulbs that provide different spectrums for flowering, if you wish.
  14. thank you fence walker cuz i was just gonna say that ,,,,,,,,,,if u can grow with cfl trust me an mh will do but i would go for the hps for bud ,,,,,,,,,,,but mh for bud will grow and let me tell u guys something i know someone who does that grows with mh all the way and his finish product is shit ,,i mean very very loose and not too many crystals but he likes it lol btw if u have the space u can do ur 15 plants but do them small .
  15. Disagree mh more resin / potency
    Hps more bud

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