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will a 150watt hps light grow anything?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by alex1sc00l, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. will a 150 watt hps light get anything to grow?
  2. I'd go with just two plants for that light.
  3. 1 26 watt cfl will get a plant growing, just won't produce much....nearly nothing. A 150 hps watt light will for sure grow a few plants, and produce a nice amount of bud. I grow with 5-7 CFL's at one time and keep my temps low, 70-80....I produce maybe half to 1 ounce a plant in 2 gallon smart pots. I also low stress train, which I know has helped my yield a ton. But to answer the question, yes a 150 hps WILL grow a decent amount of bud (taking into account you have the right nutes and grow area for your girls).
  4. ok thanks for the help bro. i juss didnt want to go buy another light when the one i have works fine.
  5. It never hurts to have more light, more light = more bud, so if your wanting to increase your production then getting a more powerful light always helps. But yes, 150 will grow a decent plant.
  6. Yeah man for sure, a gutted flood light can be your best friend in a small setting haha, its what i used my first grow, only downside is you can cover a much smaller area than with bigger HPS lights... But when used properly a 150 can rock out some niceeass buds....Although i do prefer two ;)
  7. Basically you have to think about what you want to accomplish from your grow.. A 150 will get one big girl or two medium sized girls through flower.. If you want to grow more than two at a time then you'll need to step up to something a little bigger..

    I have a 600 right now which can flower 4 big girls or about 6 medium girls..

    You also have to take into account heat so if you do decide to move up in wattage be sure to have some type of ventilation or a bad situation can develop quickly.. :eek:

    Your best bet though is to set up a small vegg with a mom or two for clones.. Get them to size and move them in.. A perpetual will keep you in the smoke with little down time..

  8. A 150w should net you a qp if done right :)
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    I have a 150w hps I used to use for veg and flowering until I upgraded, you can get 2 nice sized plants vegged under it, but it's difficult to fit the plants in the canopy. The only time I use it now is if the plants are too small to warrant using 400w+, mainly for clones (aerogarden + the florescent lights with it and the 150 HPS).

    They run pretty cool, at least the one I have is a sun system self ballasted one, they are pretty common. As long as you have some ventilation it should not be a problem.

    Here's a picture of one of my first grows. This was vegged for 4 weeks~ under a 150 hps along with 1 other plant, I flowered under a 400 watt, though. The only difference I have with the 400 is a way larger canopy and the yields are superior along with less stretching (pic 2).


    off topic..looking back I think went a tad overboard with the lst considering my grow space :laughing:.
  10. I was looking at the all in one 150HPS fixture on amazon. It look perfect for someone like me. I dont want tons of wattage but I wasnt to be able to nicely grow 1 maybe 2 plants at a time. I think thats probably what I would use for my next grow instead of 4x24W T5
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    Honestly man, ive dont Tons of research on 150's and power consumption and efficiencys and shit....id go with an electronic ballast or a higher one that you can dim. They tend to have a lower draw, and pretty efficient compared to the near 40% im getting with my Advance brand magnetic 150's... Only saying this cos my 2 150's draw 3.6amps each, and upto 5.5...sounds like i could get a 250-400w ,e ballast and be getting more light for the same consumptions......Unless ive got it completely bumfuck twisted haha...ALSO diy will save you a ton, i got 3 brand new lithonia 150w floods with advance ballasts on Craigslist, and sold one back for 50 bucks..gutted'm and made my current setup and hooked gramma and her (NOW)indoor tomatoes up with a 150w metal halide flood i got at the flea market for 10 bucks DIY FTW:hello:
  12. Yeah I know all about DIY you should see my current ghetto rig haha

    I only plan on having one of these fixtures, not two.

  13. Yeah, i figured you were gonna use one, i posted 3.6 amps to 5.5:eek: each..lol thats not for both.:bongin:

    Show me yours
    ill show you mine ;)
  14. Well I was planing on growing only one plant so I think the one I have will do. Thanks for the help guys.
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    i can unbury my old diy 150w minibox thread and show you if you like jimmmmmmmmmy?

    Edit, Fuck that, dead thread stays dead.lol. Thumbnails keep on growin ;)
    OG 150w box:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Extra 150 added in vertical cooltube on right hand side :)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    But yes, just finished up some of the best smoke ive literally ever had, only down side was..like i said...power consumption...i could have a 400w'er for the same monthly powerbill...if not less..

  16. I'm really interested in something like that! I'm currently using one 150w Sun System HPS to gow 2 plants in 5g pots. Unfortunately 1 of them (my sativa) isn't doing so well but the other 1 is thriving & 14 days into flower right now. I'm unsure of the strain but here are a couple of pics of my healthy girl I call "Daddy'z Kure" because I'm unsure of the strain.:smoke:

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  17. 150w will work fine, This is my baby. under 1 150w , i Lst'ed it so its a bush, with a screen too.

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  18. Is 43 watt enough for one decent personal view?
  19. How long did you wait from seedling before you Lst'ed it?
  20. woah damn I don't even remember this thread. Let me just say in the 3 years since I posted my first reply, I still use the 150W to veg, and my results have gotten ridiculously better.

    You absolutely can grow with a 150W. I personally wouldn't recommend flowering under it unless you aren't looking for maybe an ounce or 2 total, but you can veg some very good plants under it. I now am vegging under the 150 in that same cab, but flowering under 600W.


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