Will a 110 volt transformer do the same job as ballast?

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  1. hi all, i will get straight on with. Swim has come across a 1000watt metal halide floodlight fixture with one 1000watt bulb. Swim says it feels really light as if there was no ballast there, swim was thinking of wiring a 110 volt plug (the yellow 3 pin plugs) to sum flex and wiring the flex to the floodlight and then plugging into the 110 volt transformer swim has sat in the cellar. Swims question is, will the transformer act as a ballast and power the bulb ok, will it work at all. Please could you explain to me why it wont work, dont a ballast and 110 volt transformer do the same thing? All advice welcome good or bad. Thanx in advance.
  2. You asked this exact same question yesterday and the answer has not changed. A 110 transformer is NOT the same as a 1000W MH ballast. It will NOT work!
  3. man, I hadn't heard someone use "SWIM" since the days of TOTSE, lol.
    (someone who isn't me for those who are confused)

    Anyways, no, transformers and ballasts do not do the same thing. Yes, a transformer is a part in a ballast, and you *might* even get the bulb to light up at first, but either the lifetime of the bulb, the output of the bulb, or both will be negatively effected. Not to mention, chance for electrical fire will increase significantly, since you'll probably be rigging this up with electrical tape.

    All in all, if you already have the bulb, spring for the ballast, or *find* one somewhere ;)
  4. The only thing a transformer does is "transform" one voltage to another. Bad move.

    If you do it though stand barefoot on a steel plate with a light bulb in your mouth when you first plug it in. Just kidding, DON'T do it! I read that somewhere else here today and I'm still ROLFLMAO about it! :wave:

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