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Will 5 or 6 grams be enough?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by CaptainCupcake, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. So earlier I posted about how retarded and new I am to edibles; thanks to my fellow blades I feel like I have avoided several future disasters and am prepared to make mah party brownies!

    There is, however, one last question that I would like to humbly ask...

    I see a lot of different measurements for weed in edibles, varying from 5 grams to 1/4 oz.

    Will 5 grams be enough to get me and my boyfriend+best friend pretty high?

    Neither of them have ever been high, so their tolerance is super low...I've been smoking for a couple years but I am not an avid smoker (mostly because money sucks right now.)

    I am personally fine with getting blazed out of my mind.

    I don't think, however, they should get *too* high as it is their first time. So, should I just get 5 grams for one batch brownies? What do you think, gc?

  2. heres a link for 5 gram pot brownies .... the next button is on the bottom right. hope it helps <3
    Pot Brownies
  3. If your making cana butter than i think you need a half once to an once depending on how many brownies
  4. Agreed.

  5. I've decided I'm not using butter, I am going to use coconut oil.
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    I'm no expert or anything, but have had several successful attempts.

    Most recently, I used 5.5 grams of shake of high grade (no mids at all, very good weed) and they came out great.

    I made brownies (basically the same way as teh applesoft link, which is very good by the way) and in each brownie, i think we had around 0.6-0.7 grams. 1 was enouh for my buddies, i ate 2 but it was a pretty heavy high, for me still able to function (but still very high). I smoke daily and have done so for more than few years. before those years i smoked at min weekly.

    so short answer, its more than enough. but I am in no way saying that someone should put 1-2 grams and eat half a brownie tray. might/should work, but ive never done that.

    oh and if you get certain brands (Giardelli) it really helps mask a lot of the flavor. sometimes i dont even strain out the oil and it still tastes fine. so if your nervous about not cookig it enough/long enugh, just don't strain and use that brownie mix and/or other stuff to help mask it.

    Note, direct oil cooking has always kinda worried me, as it felt like i could screw up really easily, but once you do it, just keep a close eye for too many bubbles, frying, etc...

    oh and im sure there are better ways with decarb and all that stuff, im just speaking from experience.

    good luck
  7. Yeah I would say a 1/4 (about 7 grams) is the minimum for anyone with a decent tolerance...
    Also, I would agree that firecrackers are a good idea. They are easy and you can make each at .5 grams and then just eat 1 or 2 depending on who has more/less tolerance in the group.
    I get dispensary brownies/candies/etc. and they have never been as strong as some early firecrackers that I made (cooking method with about 1 week of sitting afterwards).
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    I would take 6gs and make 3 fat ass muffins with roughly 2gs each. Nobody is forcing you to eat the whole muffin at the same time.

    You can use coconut oil for that if you please.

    edit: typotornado

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