Will 3000K Led Give Decent Results?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Trogdor, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I found some 1020 lumen 3000 K LED lights for 20 bucks a piece and am wondering if I can grow a plant that will yield at least a couple grams with 3 to 4 of these lights, or if it will totally suck balls?
    I know the optimal spectrums are 6500 K for veg and 2700 K for flower, but I'm tempted to just try a grow with the 3000 K' leds because it sounds quick, cheap and easy.  Do you guys think it will be a total flop, or that these lights might suffice?

  2. bump.
    Am I asking a dumb question, or do you blades just not know the answer?
  3. If your looking for a couple grams yeah. They're gonna struggle in veg bad and flowering is gonna take a while with only 1020 lumens. You need at least 3000 to grow a descent plant. How many watts is the led? You would get a couple grams but j dont think it would be worth the trouble.
  4. Well I was gonna do 3-4 of the 1020 lumen LEDs.  I might use one 23 watt 6500 K CFL as well as the LEDs for veg.  My reason for interest in LEDs is more lumens with less heat and power cost.
    Now that I'm looking at those LEDs, they're 13 watts, so I'm probably not going to save that much on heat or electric.
    Right now my grow box has two 23 watt 2700K CFLs which together provide 3000 lumens and the box runs at 83 degrees.  Not sure how I can improve my numbers much without upgrading my fan.
  5. for that price you could get 250w hps
    or few decent cfls like couple 150-250w thatbwould be much much better
  6. you can get cheap in line fans
  7. A 250 watt hps would not even raise your power bill much maby like 10 bucks a month at 18/6 only grow with LED if you can afford to pay for a proper led light

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  8. Thanks.  Would HPS make more heat than the same wattage of CFL?  Electrically it seems like they should be the same, but I put my hand near a couple demo models of HPS lights at the hardware store and the felt hot as hell.
    Also I lowered the temp of my grow box by a couple degrees.  I noticed that when I opened my box it changed the sound of the fan and I could feel more air being blown out by the fan.  From this I concluded that my air intake hole was too small and was causing too much of a vacuum inside the box, so I cut the air intake hole larger and have better airflow now.

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