will 19,700 lumens be enough?

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  1. Will 19,700 lumens of 2700k cfl's be enough to flower 2 plants?

    I will be flowering under 3 23-watt and 3 65-watt 2700k cfls, and 2 26-watt 5500 cfl's, totaling 316 watts, and 19,700 lumens.

    I'm still working out the heat exhaust, right now temps are around 83.8 degrees F. I'd like a little more wiggle room, but would like to keep as much light as I can without roasting the plants.

    Is this enough light? or should I remove a few bulbs to get the heat down?
  2. yes it will be enough light to trigger growth,and for flowering as well, but you will have light fluffy buds most probally with half the yield of a hid from experience i believe that it is best to grow less plants and just veg more and as far as temps from the cfls just get a oscillating fan should solve the problem

    for example
    if i try to grow 6 plants under a 400 watt my total yield goes down because of the light distribution
    cuts down as each plant grows larger

    so if i only grow 4 plants there is more available fixed surface area witch the light covers
    i would actually get a better yield from the 4 focused plants then the 6 spread out even tho
    its two extra plants

    with your scenario and cfl's
    i would go with one plant i would veg it for a at least 30 days and i would LST the hell out of it.

    but if your not concerned about yield then it wouldnt hurt to have a backup
    many things can go wrong, could even be a male >.<

  3. Thanks, Bio-

    I'd love to use Hid's, but for the time being I have to use cfl's or nothing at all.

  4. hey i grew my first plant with only 90 total watts of cfl light and got 14 grams of really great tasting strong smoke. so there is nothing wrong with cfl until you get a deal on a hps.
    just remember you get out of it what you put into it :wave: GL
  5. Thanks for the encouragement!

    I sort-of like the idea of growing all cfl's, kinda like a hobbiest, and try to squeeze as much out of them as I can. I'm just growing for myself, but some hid's will definitely be in my future at some point.

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