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  1. probably the best show on TV right now especially when you're stoned
  2. i ahve yet to catch this show on...

    is it as funny as they say?
  3. i would have to agree :smoke:
  4. yeee i watch that shit every thursday at 10:00
  5. u talking about the australian one or the american one? the american one sucks imo, probably because i started the first 2 seasons on the aussie one. aussie one is hilarious, i recommend downloading
  6. wut??

    they got an australian one?


    i gotta check this show out.
  7. LOVE IT! haha

    im trying to see where i can see the Australian version.

    The american version is funny though imo

    at least they kept the same actor for Wilfred :)
  8. sooo.. anyone know the schedule for the showings?

    nd wtf is he exactly?

    a dog to everyone else..

    but he is a human/dog to frodo?

    damn.. i thought he got rid of the ring..

    he just became real powerful!
  9. ive only watched a few eps of the aussie version but I laughed my ass off. really funny/interesting concept for a show
  10. This show is so worth going out of your way every Thursday. If you haven't saw it yet do yourself a favor and watch it :)
  11. I've enjoyed it thus far. Last night's episode wasn't the greatest, but you'll have that.

    Definitely interested in checking out the Aussie one now!
  12. I really liked the first episode, but all the other ones have been dissapointing to me. And i dont get it... Wilfred like smokes and eats food, so does everybody see a dog holding food and eating it or him holding a cigarrette and smoking it? Just seems like a loophole in the plot.
  13. I think Wilfred is a part of Ryan's subconscious. So like Wilfred taking bong rips is really just Ryan. Or like, whatever wilfred says/does, are really Ryan's thoughts.
  14. Its fairly amusing.

    I liked the nursing home episode and the one with the neighbor 'porning out'.

    I usually watch it because its on before Louie though.
  15. Ha, i fucking love this show. Started watching it last week :D

    The clips at the end are perfect as well, always do stoner things.
  16. I just started watching this show, and it's hilarious. Some of the best stoner humor I've seen on a tv show. The concept is super unique and the writing is ridiculous. I hope it gets picked up for another season
  17. "bear.. Id like you to meet a friend of mine...ryan" lol i love how hes always offering bear to ryan to fuck
  18. haven't seen the australian version but i love the show on FX... elijah wood and jason gann are great together. i never get tired of watching frodo baggins hit a bong.
  19. I love Wilfred but I already know that this show is going to get old fast. Just like Weeds. It has good actors, some good humor, and they smoke weed but sooner or later, people are going to get bored of it. I predict only 2-3 seasons.
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    "You think your more powerful than me don't you Ryyyyan...well I've got NEWS for you" (my favorite scene of the season)

    "These charges are, uh, very serious. They're very serious... charges. As for the seriousness of these charges... They are, well, they're deadly serious. And they are charges."

    I know this thread is very old but I love this show!!

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