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  1. I have only watched the first two episodes of season 2 of Wilfred. The season premiere of season 3 is thursday night. Should I wait a week or two for the season 2 of Wilfred to be on netflix, watch them, but miss the first one or two episodes of season 3? Or, watch the premiere of Wilfred and miss out on the other eleven episodes? Thanks for reading
  2. O shit I thought there was only the first season. I MISSED A WHOLE SEASON!?!?!

    Im high but that sucks to know. Im still gonna watch season 3. But I would rather have seen the second season before. O well.
  3. didnt care for the new episodes
  4. i just watched the 2 new ones, i thought they were pretty good.
  5. I did as well
  6. Near to the end of season two I didn't like honestly, got a little weird. But I've been watching season 3 all day and it's been making me crack up the whole time.
  7. Good show.

    The little shit where they make fun of dogs gets me rollin sometimes lol.

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