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Wildwills Glycerin Tincture How-To

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by WildWill, Aug 22, 2010.

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    This is the third batch of this stuff I've made, and by far the easiest.


    Marijuana (Duh) - how much and what it is can be up to you. I use my "vapor poo" or the leftover material from my Volcano. Sometimes I throw shake in there too. You can leave in stems and it doesn't have to ground up all that much. Don't use less than 8 grams of material per 16 oz of glycerin though, otherwise you'll have a very weak mix.

    Food-Grade Glycerin - This is typically sold in health food stores but can be purchased at Whole Foods or similar markets. 16 oz cost me just about $10 at Whole Foods, but honestly that was about 5 bucks too much. Make sure it's FOOD GRADE though, it will say on the label. 16 ounces of glycerin is enough for one nice batch.

    A Crock Pot - We actually bought one TODAY at Target for 7 bucks, and it's a small version, which is perfect for this project. We have also bought a larger, older model for canna butter and other pot recipes.

    Cheese Cloth - If you don't know what it is, ask your mom tell her you need to do some baking. You can get it at any supermarket.

    A Rubber Band

    Bottling Stuff - Small bottles with droppers are CHEAP at places like Cost Plus and Organize It.

    OK here we go:

    1. Pour your glycerin in the crock-pot
    2. Mix in marijuana material. The sticks in my picture are Vanilla Beans that I threw in for some flavor. You can try other things.
    3. Stir - you will need to stir periodically during the process, every hour or so. You can leave it over night, but the first thing you should do is stir it the next day.
    4. Cover, turn pot on low
    5. Leave in pot for several hours, however long is up to you, overnight is probably best, but a good 8 hour cure is all you really need.
    6. When you decide the time is right, turn off the pot and let the mixture cool, but don't let it get cold, it will be easier to pour if it's warm.
    7. Once the mixture is cooler, take your cheese cloth and RUBBER BAND it over your pouring container. I made the mistake of forgetting this step at first, very dumb.
    8. Strain your mixture through the cheese cloth, once it drains squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can, you can really get a lot out of it.
    9. BOTTLE!

    A couple droppers under your tongue and you will be in a great place.


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  2. I had a chance to sample this last summer direct from WildWill. He had it in a spray bottle and told me and my wife to take about 5 sprays. I was pretty fucked up since it's a sublingual administation but we were smoking mendocino purps and master kush along with some wicked afgooey hash so let's just say I was fucked up.
  3. Nice man. I've made some very similar to that in the past. Only I didn't have cheese cloth. So I tried to use coffee filters and they ripped:(
  4. The really nice thing about this stuff is that for some reason as it sits it gets STRONGER, even without most of the plant material. The last bottle of the last batch I had got so super strong that I was down to one dropper per dose.
  5. wow that is sick!

    I have a feeling I would get too high though. Like, accidentally drop one or two extra and then just get fucking blasted.
  6. that sound super easy, always wanted to do glycerin tinctures....
    but a couple questions. i know when using a pot on a stove and cooking the oil+weed to infuse the oil, it smells the whole house up... does the crock pot keep any of the odor down, or is this going to be a midnight mission for me...

    also, in i think the 4th picture when your putting the glycerin from the crock pot onto the the cloth screen, is thatstrainer sitting on top the cheesecloth a secondary strainer for the cheesecloth to take the stems and pointy material out.. avoiding any rip of the cloth...
  7. You can use a second strainer, but I didn't. You toss the cheesecloth anyway, and honestly there weren't that many stems in there.

    THIS mixture is not as strong as it could be, I only used 9 grams of poo, NOW, a good portion of that was hash...but it's not strong enough to really "overdose", it's just like a nice thing to keep your medicated feeling (i.e. your 'high') going.

    The crock pot definitely keeps the smell down, the smaller pot size meant I didn't have to cook it for as long, and the smell was kept down. You can also throw some aromatic herbs in your mixture, try rosemary or mint. As I said, I used real vanilla beans in this one, so it kind of made the kitchen smell like cookies. Then again my wife made cream puffs this afternoon also.
  8. Awesome. Think I am going to try this next. Any recommendation on how many grams of good mids to use for 16 oz?
  9. I definitely want to try this, lately I've been interested a lot in edible THC, but the alcohol tinctures don't interest me much. (I've made some cannabutter and brownies though)

    This looks like a great and pretty simple recipe. Thanks :D

  10. The more material you use, the stronger it's going to be, normally I would try and use at least 14 grams per 16 oz, but you can use up to 28 grams if you want.
  11. so when you say 8 grams do you mean 8 grams of schwag or dank? like for a decently strong batch, how much schwag would you have to put in per 16 oz of glycerin. and how much dank would you have to put in per 16 oz of glycerin?
  12. For my tinctures I use vapor poo, which I guess is a bit worse than scwag - I'm a medical patient, so I don't really use dank or scwag to describe my strains. I would just say this, you really don't want to use really good MJ to make a tincture, yes it will be stronger, BUT you'd be happier smoking the good stuff. Tinctures are really for low-grade base material.

    I wouldn't use anything stronger than shake to be honest. It's just a waste of material if you do.
  13. hmmm, very true. also, could you replace the food grade glycerin with say.... olive oil or milk or anything fatty like that that is more easily attainable?
  14. No I wouldn't. Glycerin works perfectly for this purpose, I'd be afraid to use Olive Oil (and let's face it, more expensive) or Milk which would make it taste disgusting and you wouldn't be able to keep it very long.

    Glycerin is VERY easy to obtain, you can even mail order it from dozens of places.
  15. Have you ever tried a french press?

    I have a stainless steel french press that I use for straining out the bud. It takes forever though b/c it's such a slow press... but it's pretty clean. Then I use a cheesecloth to press the last bottle or two (my "private reserve").

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing your recipe. Vanilla beans sound delicious!
  16. Yeah, the vanilla bean was NOT a good idea, it absorbed the vanilla flavor, but also the flavor from the bean's skin, which is yucky. It's not HORRIBLY tasting, but it didn't come out like I wanted. Best to just use coffee syrup flavoring next time I think.

    I have not used a french press, as I no longer have one (I think), and there's really no reason to get another one, except for this purpose. But it's a damn fine idea.
  17. I have some peppermint and chocolate mint plants growing in my yard that are an excellent natural flavoring. Mint is definitely my favorite flavor. Cinnamon and the various berries are ok, but don't really compliment the dank flavor. Haven't tried coffee yet, but I have used tincture IN my coffee! :)

  18. Have you tried putting the tincture into capsules? I wasn't sure how that would effect the way the body absorbed the cannabanoids, I know when I had got some from the dispensary they told me to let it sit under my tongue for a minute or so to let it absorb.

    I've been interested in making a pill that will work well and not be a waste of time and it seems that using a tincture would be a good start.

    Nice post, I want to try this as soon as my vaped weed jar gets full again. I made some bho yesterday and was disappointed.
  19. Thanks for this Will.

    Going to try this in a while with flowers, but also some decarboxylated thc oil. I hypothesize I could just mix the oil and glycerin without heat since the oil is already orally active.
  20. how would you describe the effects of this? is it just like weed only more potent? and when heating it on low, does it create a smell?
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