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  1. im going to post a lot of pictures here, feel free to join me. i recently went to a vacation to glacier national park and yellowstone, so i have some good ones to post. i will start us off with one of my best, feel free to comment on and critique the photos here.

    ok this photo is of the milkyway at yellowstone. in the top right there is a shooting stare and in the middle while i was lighting the tree a bat got in the shot with my flash.
  2. here is another one but from glacier national park
  3. oh my god dude! eye-gasm! that first pic is just brilliant man! cant believe u got a bat and shooting star in one pic! its just... beautiful.... beautiful...+rep
  4. lol i practically shit myself when i saw it on the camera back after the shot i was so happy
  5. lovin the first pic.

    keep em comin.
  6. i will post all of the ones i have finished editting, but its not many.
    here is another
  7. and another
  8. totally awesome man, is earth just beautiful or what, the parts not fucked up by us that is. that bat pic is sick and i really like the train track one leading into the watery abyss
  9. yeah the train tracks are actually to put boats in the water, but i found that out after i took the picture. tracks such as that are very common there.
  10. Dude!! I was at your second picture last year and walked on those out into the water. Lovely pictures.
  11. First picture is amazing!
  12. oh they're for boats? not quite as eerie now thinking it was some ghost train that goes into the blue abyss, still a cool shot, post more if you have any
  13. i have thousands more, but none are editted, but fuck that ill just post some of my other stuff
    this is a tiny jumping spider

    this is a fox i ran into in pennsylvania
  14. These a fucking beautiful! Great work!
  15. star trails over glacier
    grinnell lake
    this is over 180 degree pano with grinnell lake in it
  16. duuude! Can you explain the star trails picture?

    Besides that, these are all incredible and very similar to pics updated and "stumbledupon" online. I always stare at these
  17. well since the earth rotates the stars move at night. i pointed the camera at north which is the axis that the earth rotates on, so the stars closer to true north dont move as much as those that are further away. anyways i stacked forty shots that were four minutes each to create this image. the foreground was lit by the full moon that was up for a little bit that night
  18. honestly, bro, these are amazing, every picture is so beautiful.
  19. heres one i won a little competition with
  20. that picture is sick brother

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