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Wildc@rd & Rainman ... peace @ last?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Dec 28, 2001.


what do u guys think? did they kiss & make up?

  1. Peace!

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  2. still some residual tension.

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  1. I have just been reading over some old posts that went on when i was away and i am shocked to discover that such a fued brewed up on grasscity... i just wondered if this has been burried now.
  2. I belive the last time that Wildc@rd posted anything was 11/29/01 and Tazz has been posting all over the place. Guess we know who won that one. Just as well I think that Wildc@rd was being a jerk anyway.


  3. I had some problems with a moderator at Cannabis Culture's forums. We really got into it. He criticized me for giving a new grower some bad advice about humidity. I wasn't upset about this at all. What I was mad about was the fact that he never helped me with my questions or took the time to reply to a pm I sent him. I told everyone that I was leaving because I didn't have time for some stuck-up growers who think they're too good for beginners. After our arguements in the threads I got some sound advice from the other moderators.
    They said that no matter where I go there will always be some people I don't get along with. "Happy new year man, don't let people's shit scare you off, fuck 'em, I say. Always have to deal with people, no matter where you go, why not here?" Just like in real life except the only difference is that you will probably never meet the people on the net that you get into scirmishes with. I don't bother wasting my time arguing with people like that anymore. If I don't have anything nice or useful to say I probably won't say it all then. So don't plan on seeing me put anyone down at grasscity. My 2 cents.

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