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  1. These are pictures of White Domina, La Blanca, and Blue Matara. They are in their 13th day of 12/12 and looking great. I gave them some Open Sesame and they hit overdrive overnight. They were doing good, but like I said that Open Sesame did something to make these girls throw all their energy into flowering. So far I have been using all Fox Farm nutes. My PH is 6.8

    600W HPS
    FF Nutes + Nectar
    ProMix/Pearl lite 60/40
    3 Gal buckets
    400 something Inline Fan

    Temp is always at 79-81
    RH is at or about 50%, going up a little every week.

    Whats everyone think?

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  2. Yummy! They all look terrific;;if not perfect. That last one looks perfectly symmetrical.
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    B-E-A-Utiful!! Good job.:hello:
    Your setup kinda looks like mine.
  4. Yea, they just look so nice!

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