wild plants in my area and pics,. worthwhile? for anythang?

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  1. so i found several several -patches of these in my area,, i can post more pictures but just take a look please and tell me if you think this is worth looking into, im from the south so visiting up here in the midwest and seeing this is pretty wild to me, so i cant get over it really. lol,

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  2. The pictures are really blurry but it looks like weed. Really doesn't look like someone planted it, check around for signs. If it's not someone's crop you got free weed :smoke:.
  3. Worth looking into for what? Who's property is it?
  4. Wild Hemp Grows all over the place where you are
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  5. Wild hemp won't get you stoned.

    Look at the flowers. Any trichome development? Are they sticky? Do they smell strong?

    If you answer no to these questions, it's not smokable.
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  6. what we are looking at here are ditches alongside of crop lines, so behind them is a crop of beans or corn, im standing on the gravel road beside it i.
    i personally think that farmers would prefer someone to get them out of there but these are everywhere in these parts, its almosty scary, ill go grab a close up if you all wanna stay tuned,
    thanks fro the quick replys by the way
  7. i can tell you it is very sticky,, very potent, and as far as trichome development, i have yet to do enough reading to remember what that is, but ithry look very appetizign, and almost crystal covered
  8. That's so cool, call the ghostbusters, I mean the strain hunters

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  9. I see...

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  10. Wow that's not wild hemp then, I see wild hemp growing along the drain ditches between corn fields here in Indiana. Back in the day I used to scatter Mexican weed seeds along the ditches and other places and have had plants pop later in the season which I looked for in November.
  11. I'll wager heavily it isn't "potent". It's fucking DITCHWEED.

    What it's good for is getting BUSTED. Where I grew up in Misery (near KC)....there was road after road of this stuff. As teenagers...we certainly gave it a go! Sadly..it was HEADACHE bud deluxe. LOOKS killer. Tastes like yer smoking a forest fire. Harsh as fuck.

    Every Summer we'd see reports of "California man arrested with 50K of marijuana in his trunk" or once... a report of a MILLION dollar bust.....where someone cut down loads of the stuff and got caught. The stuff wasn't worth a DIME...but the cops...wanting more FEDERAL funding...would trump up the dollar amount for that purpose...and for the sensationalism of the headlines. The public ate it up. (folks from that area may remember "Vern Miller")

    If it is something someone planted....it isn't yours, first off....and secondly....it will have been pollen ated by the wild hemp and will be so full of seeds you can barely find any calyx/leaf. (never seen so many seeds in a bud...not even back in the day of brickweed)

    But never say never. We'll expect a full and highly detailed smoke report soon. LOL

    be careful out there. The cops in Misery watch those patches for easy prey.....
  12. Is this a picture of it
    One you actually picked yourself

  13. Nice try billy the picture says 420magazine in the corner :lmafoe:
    Who you trying to fool bruh?
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  14. He stole it from the Internet man check the 420magazine logo in the right corner..
  15. I know I was giving him enough rope LOL
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  16. upload_2017-9-4_9-44-35.png
    I smell Troll Weed
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  18. i am going to go take some more pics and possibly even cut down one for studying and drying, yeah what is really strange here is that i can only find these plants within a 3 mile radius of this town i am in ,,which yeah it might have been ditch weed at one time,, this is such a small town and there are so many stoners here,, i bet you that is not what it is now,,
    my g pa lives here and has forever,,he said that him and his friends would cruise and take samples 20+ years ago, and it wasn't very often but they would find a good one on occassion, he says the only way to really know is to smoke it, the Original pics i posted are real,,
  19. Grinch weed

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