Wild outdoor seeds grown indoors?

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  1. Recently i found a field of pot growing in the woods. The plants all had a purplish color in the leafs (i assume do to fall approaching) and were about 7 feet tall. The plants look very promising so i decided to grab some seeds and try to grow some of my own indoors. Is this an option or will the plant not grow well indoors due to the many generations of wild outdoor growth (assumption).

    One more question these plants were found in MN, is there a common wild stand in MN or is this most likely just random ditch?
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    It's most likely Ruderalis which was used for Hemp. It has low THC content. You're not going to get much out of those plants if it is Ruderalis. Who knows, though. It could be a killer Sativa that somehow got loose and survived.


    Makes you wonder how many times they have had people steal their hemp to try and get high. *LOL*
  3. I've run into those huge fields in the midwest. Dont bother planting seeds from them, they're pretty worthless.

    They can say all they want about no THC content, but there is THC in them there plants. If you get the buds and smoke a whole fat ass joint (like 1/2" thick) you will get high for like twenty minutes, as long as you have no tolerance.

    I'd be careful hanging around plants in the woods due to the security factor. You obviously dont know what you are looking at, so who's to say it's not someone's crop?

    To answer your seed question... Dont bother growing a sativa indoors, especially with no experience. You'd be much better off ordering some quality genetics from a reputable seed bank.
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    Would Ruderalis have crystals surrounding the "buds" (all seeds obviously) also is there a good way of identifying Ruderalis by sight? I could probably get a picture if that would help.

    also the woods were on a buddy of mines farm property so i doubt its a crop but the soil there is also much more rich than the surrounding area (if that helps)
  5. Ugh what? You realize sativa is just a species. Those "quality genetics" from seed banks have sativa in them
  6. he said they were giant 7 foot plants, that is a sativa. I also said you really dont want to grow a sativa indoor without experience, because they take forever and are notoriously difficult.

    ordering seeds he could certainly get genetics more suited for his situation. Sure they could have some sativa in them, but im sure he would pick something easier and likely indica dominant.
  7. sativa is no more difficult than indica. and a sativa wont get 7 feet tall indoors because of the lack of room in soil. Plus indoor you can control the veg length unlike outdoors
  8. you guys seem to know what is up.... any help with the identification of the plant. did a small amount of research and found most ruds are short and dont have much thc content like i said earlier these plants were very tall had large pollinated buds and visible tris
  9. a pic would help, but Rud usually isnt crystally, of course some is to extent because of cross pollination from outdoor grow ops. But rud have VERY thin long leaves on the buds. Usually not much towards the bottom besides the stock. If I remember Ill head out to some gravel roads tomorrow and get you a picture of true ditch weed

  10. thanks very much i will try and get a good picture the stalks i grabbed are quite wilted at this point
  11. even pics of the bud will do

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