Wild Opium Lettuce

Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun2002, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Recently my friend came across some of this stuff, very cheap too but he says it's uselss and didn't do anything, i haven't smoked it yet.

    But what i'm wondering is, is this stuff just another shit legal high, has anyone tried it?
  2. Your friend is right... dont waste your time or money on that crap.. especially if you can get the real deal.
  3. Yeah, opium isnt real expensive compared to bud. Might be hard to find though... get the real deal :)
  4. that shit sucks, doesnt do a thing.
  5. Its the Lactusa Verosa plant... its not complete bullshit, but its about as psychoactive as catnip. You'll probably find loads of online sources that tout it as feeling like real opium..its bullshit..it may relax your muscles and make you more sleepy...it may just give you a headache

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