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wild lettuce

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by relieF, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. so... i went to a website (am i allowed to post the url here?) and bought some stuff, including a little bit of smokable wild lettuce called "Turkhash". i was wondering, could i smoke this using my glass pipe? (if not, i'll just use my metal pipe, no problem). like would it stink it up or something.

    and also, does anybody know the effects of wild lettuce?

    and lastly, i read that wild lettuce is best smoked from an opium pipe, as direct flame will decrease its effectiveness. er, whaddaythink.
  2. is it on erowid?
  3. I have never heard of smoking wild lettuce..

    It must be a nickname for turkish. I don't know!
  4. I think it is the same thing as rabbit tobacco. Something we used to find wild in the hill and hollers of Kentucky.
  5. Wild lettuce=lettuce opium, which is basicly a VERY feeble non addictive opium substitute. I got a few things about it on different websites, so here u go...

    "Lactucarium smells like opium and tastes just as bitter. When smoked or swallowed, it is so mildly intoxicating it remains legal. There are no visions like the ones De Quincey had from eating opium, but the euphoria and dreamy intoxication last slightly longer. Although lactucarium is structurally unrelated to the opiates, it will still
    soothe irritating cough, ease minor pains, and help induce sleep, hence its more common name of 'lettuce opium.' The history of lettuce opium in"

    Mild sedative effect similar to opium. Very, very mild buzz, almost unnoticable. Not worth the hassle of obtaining from the plant, and not worth the cost of buying refined herb. Watch out for "incense" concoctions sold in head shops and through mail order that claim to have alternative uses. These are usually worthless, overpriced Lettuce opium preparations."

    If you really want a legal high, eat 10-20 grams of nutmeg, that'll fuck u up real gd:) Tastes mank tho. Lettuce opium isnt really worth the hassle.

    Love everyone,
  6. Mank :D I love being English because I can use the best words..... mank... mingin..... slapper.... minge... twat.... *sigh*

    I've heard that lettuce stuff is shite.......

    Nutmeg has always been on my to-do list.
  7. moo. that sucks, i wasted 4 dollars.

    this website had this kinda cool and nifty manual scale, bought that. also a plastic herb grinder.

    i'm so excited... new semester started with some pretty interesting classes, i'm jogging and lifting weights again and losing weight pretty fast. this saturday i'll be buying more weed than i ever have (maybe a whole forth! =] ), i'm going to grind it, pack it, the whole deal. and my personal projects are finally getting somewhere...

    in the past, it always was the case that, after about a few months into this "productive period" i get a steady girlfriend and ruin my life. must be one of life's cycles.
  8. Nutmeg wont kill youit didnt even fuck me up that bad and yes i made it to the Tee of the recipe and i mean i was "high" for like an hour but it was like downing some pain killers to me
  9. nutmeg - what recipe
    - how long does it take for an affect
    -i just ate alot.. am i guna die
  10. you might start feeling something after 8 hours
  11. r u shittin
  12. i've heard of doing the nutmeg thing but i've never tried it!.....Peace out.....Sid
  13. Why don't you read up on the Drugs you put into your body first. is a great resource. There are quite a few legal intoxicants being sold everyday.
  14. wild lettuce is on erowid and i never tried it... nutmeg sounds shite cos you get a crap high and the next day you can't even move cos u feel so lethargic- ok if you're working in a prison kitchen and you can't get anything else but otherwise- just buy weed man.
  15. a friend of mine did the nutmeg thing... he said it was definately a unique experience, lol. he just ate it straight from the bottle... said if he ever did it again he'd do 10 grams and take it with eggnog.

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