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Discussion in 'General' started by Anony, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I had a series of crazy dreams last night I would like to get off my chest for some reason?
    These felt super real and was in color which is very unusual for me.

    The first one started with me walking in my own neighborhood as a teenager (not sure just felt young) and started to walk down an alley, when i turned a sharp corner, i saw a man with a knife hovering over a murdered woman, i believe he was robbing her because he had something else in his hand he put in his pocket. We both immediately ran. For some reason I didnt call the cops? I just kept running.
    Immediately after, I was arrested at my home. Somehow they followed my bloody shoe print? (I dont know, it didnt really make sense of course)

    I asked them what I was being charged for, and they wouldnt tell me until I got to the court house. They took me to a smaller interview room, and sure enough, the killer was there too, arrested as well. This is when they said "Hes under arrest for murder, and your under arrest for accessory to murder" They thought I actually took part in the murder!
    I immediately tried to call my lawyer, and the number had been changed.
    I went to my cell and noticed my book bag was on my cot. So i went over to it, and it was stashed with ciggs, my two favorite books, and some other goodies. I remember thinking, well maybe this wont be too bad, wait, what? What am I talking about, I am chained to this cell like a chain gang? Then all of a sudden I was walking back into my cell when I realized everything in my bookbag had then been stolen? All that was left was a tiny piece of twizzlers?
    And then I woke up, Fell back asleep,
    And started dreaming I was in a tall van with the other chain gang, on work release. We were driving back to the prison at night and it was snowing.
    Somehow the truck started swearving, and we hit something, the van spun around, and eded up on its side, I imediately got out and started running with my chains clanking earpeircingly loudly. I remember thinking, these chains will be the death of me.
    I ran in between some houses, and found a train running through someones back yard, hopped on that bad boy and I found myself able to get inside the back of the car of the train, and it was packed with boxes of expensive cheese and crackers?
    Woke up again and was enthralled it wasnt real.

    Had two others, but the more I think about them, the more stupid they are kinda like this one, lol.
    It just felt so real! How silly!
    Have any wierd ones lately?
  2. when i stop smoking i have the most vivid dreams ever. sometimes i like to take a break from smoking just to have these kind of lucid dreams.. when you were running in your dream, did it feel like you werent running very fast? i often have a dream where i am running from a wolf but it feels like im not getting anywhere.
  3. yea, I had a dream that I got in a bad wreck and my head got decapitated but they said they could fix it. So I woke up in not a hospital but a veterinary clinic with my head on a dog's body. And everyone was so happy for me. That was my first night on x.
  4. Yea, definitely when im running my perception of time/distance/speed is not the same as reality.

    Thats wild, lol.
  5. Last night I dreamed that I got a job at another grocery store, some new improved place don't know the name of it..
    For some reason this store also had a massive electronics department.
    Before I got in for my first shift (There was no interview or anything I just appeared in this store and knew I had a job there) I was in the electronics department.

    An old woman in the electronics department asked me for assistance (Yet I knew I was working produce like in my past job).
    I decided to help her anyways since it was a video game related question.
    She was asking me what would be a good title to pick up for her son.
    She started pointing at F.E.A.R 2 and questioned me about it.
    I told her it was an excellent game but very gorey and she said that her son didn't mind.
    She then told me her son loved shooters.
    I also recommended her to Resident Evil 5 in case he wanted something a little different.

    I get to the produce section of this store, which did I mention is massive?
    I see all my old co-workers there and they're all very happy to see my again,
    I find it weird that they all quit their job at my actual old job.

    Suddenly some pop song starts playing over the store's speakers.
    Everyone starts dancing so I join in,
    Then the produce workers form some type of limbo circle,
    but instead of limbo'ing under everyone is just wiggling under on their chests.
    I do it, but for some reason one of my friends who is a slightly chubby girl appears beside me,
    she needs me to hold her hand and pull her under with me, so I do..
    but for some reason we can't get all the way through.

    The produce boss appears.
    He congratulates everyone for being so lively and dancing.
    He is wearing tight spandex (perhaps reference to my old produce boss who uses to go biking a lot and came in with his spandex biking outfit during his days off).
    He comes over to me
    And starts asking if I'll be a valuable part of his team and tells me that he doesn't tolerate stealing, I convince him that I'm reformed and I will be invaluable.

    I start asking him what I should start off by doing.
    He doesn't respond.
    I follow him,
    he stops at a kid with freckles,
    and shouts "GET THAT SHIT OFF YOUR FACE"
    and the kid stares at him blankly.

    -I wake up drenched in sweat-

    Odd, being very high + being sick does strange things to my dreams apparently.
  6. i had this dream like 2 nights ago where the pinhead guy from hellraiser was there. but i dont have bad dreams i tend to find them exciting when its scary or whatever. and i tend to remember them.

    so i am at some large house and i am walking thru and pin head come up and he is all hey im gonna make you be my next in line guy to mess people up. and so i go along with him showing me all this crazy stuff i could do to people and then im just walking around following him and for whatever reason the dream just changes to me in a leather trech coat and im walking along the street a little faster than walking speed and i come up on this big gathering of people and i notice there is one of those boys and girls clubs right there and some girl scouts selling cookies. so i give them like 5 bucks and take a binch of boxes and i remember thinking hey that was cheap.

    so then i bought some girl scout cookies the next day. it was cool cuz i didnt know they were even selling them til i had the dream

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