Wild dagga and Vicodins!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Yaysatan101, May 30, 2009.

  1. So this week a friend of mine gave me a bottle of 20 vicodins (5mg/500mg) and I gave her some weed in exchange. Also just today in the mail I got some wild dagga flowers. I've been wanting to try these (I know it's not as good as mj, just wanna try it :D) so now I got my chance.

    I took 2 vicodins this morning (1st opiate experience) and I'm not too impressed. I'm sure it was a small dose for hydrocodone but I didn't wanna poison myself with apap. I was too lazy to do a cwe. It put me in a good mood and that was cool :D.

    I also got a pocket scale from amazon. It was 20$ and is .01g accuracy. Weighing hella shit just for the fun of it.

    So manly my question here is What is a good dosage for wild dagga tea? Wild dagga smoke?

    PS I also have a gram of 20x salvia on it's way.
  2. did you eat before? having an empty stomach helps for me.
  3. Okay cool : ] how much do you use when you make it?

    EDIT: you were talkin about the vicodin huh.. Now I feel a little retarded haha.
  4. Idk much about Leonotis leonurus, but this might be able to help:

    Erowid Leonotis leonurus (Lion's Tail) Vault

    you can read the experiences for the dosages. It looks like you need a strong stomach for this stuff too btw.

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